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Jasy - Web Tooling Framework

Jasy is a construction tool for web projects. Think of Jasy as a replacement for the classic make utility heavily inspired by modern tools like SCons (Used by V8, MongoDB, ...), Waf (Used by Samba, NodeJS, ...) and Maven. Jasy is based on the learnings through creating the "generator" for the qooxdoo JavaScript framework.


We have different tutorials for installing Jasy specific to the operating system you are using:

Warning: Installation of Jasy dependency requests is broken with version 0.14.2 in Python 3. Try install requests on your own and/or verify that the version is between 0.13 and 0.14.1 (pip install chardet2 requests==0.13 jasy). Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Doctor: There is a built-in task called "doctor" which can be used to easily verify an environment. Just call jasy doctor when installed or bin/jasy doctor in your repository clone.
  • Python Experts: If you already have a Python3 installation and want to install Jasy in parallel you could follow our Installation using VirtualEnv guide.




  • Fields: Pass data from the build script to the application and permutate original code
  • Image Sprites: Setup image sprites for your application
  • Image Animations: Tooling for image based animations
  • Develop Skeletons: How to create new skeletons
  • Sharing Methods: How to share Python features with other projects
  • Locales: How to use locale support in your projects via CLDR support
  • Translations: How to translate your projects using get text methods
  • Assets: Managing assets, custom profiles/url handling, client side APIs
  • API Documentation: Understanding the documentation system and how to document your code properly


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