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# You can extend the functionality by using plugins
# Basically you can override the functionality of the converters
## Ignore constants for CocosBuilderReader
plugin = constant_class = JSBGenerateConstants_Ignore,
# JS namespace. By default it is the same as config file namespace.
# This namespace is used then the script autogenerates JS code. eg: with the constants
## Not used in CCB Reader
js_namespace = cc
# prefix that will be removed from the ObjC classes in order to generate the JS classes
# eg: If the class name is CCNode, then on JavaScript it will be Node
obj_class_prefix_to_remove = CCB
# Classes to generate. Use '*' to generate all the parsed classes.
# Subclasses will be parsed as well.
# eg: If CCSprite is parsed, then CCNode and NSObject will be parsed as well
# It supports regular expressions to match class names.
# eg: all cocos2d actions ending in 'By': CC(.*)By
classes_to_parse = CCBReader, CCBAnimationManager
# Classes to ignore.
# It is a good idea to add classes that you don't want to have a proxy object. Usually internal classes,
# or classes that are already native on JavaScript should be added here.
# It supports regular expressions to match class names.
# eg: all NS classes: NS(.*)
classes_to_ignore = NS(.*)
# Class properties
# Options
# manual Means that the class is manually bound. No binding info will generated, but it can be used.
class_properties = NSObject = manual,
CCNode = manual,
CCScene = manual,
CCBReader = name:"_Reader",
CCBAnimationManager = reserved_slots:2,
CCCallBlockN = manual,
# Whether or not to generate constructors from base classes for the current class.
# In JavaScript, the "constructors" or "static methods" are not "inherited".
# It is recommended to set it to "auto".
# Options:
# False: Don't inherited
# True: Inherit all class methods from all ancestors
# Auto: Inherit only if it has no class constructors. Stop when the fist class constructor is added.
inherit_class_methods = Auto
# Files that are going to be imported by the autogenerated files.
# Useful to declare subclasses of an already bound project
# eg: manual bindings for NSObject
import_files = jsb_NS_manual.h,
# The prefix will be removed from function name.
# eg: if the C function is "cpBodyAddShape", then the JS name will be "bodyWithAddShape"
## For cocos2d add "cc"
function_prefix_to_remove =
# Free functions to be parsed
functions_to_parse =
# Free functions not to parse
functions_to_ignore =
# Rules used for methods:
# options:
# name:"js_name" Rename methods.
# ignore This method will be ignored.
# callback This method is a callback. It will be invoked from Objective-C
# no_swizzle It means that the callback function is an optional protocol and should not be "swizzled" because there is no implementation for it.
# variadic_2_array It means that all arguments are variadic, and an Array will be created with them
# merge:name | name... List of methods names that should be merged with this method as well.
# manual It means that its implementation won't be autogenerated. It is implemented manually
# Regular expressions are supported in the Class names, but not in the Method names
method_properties = CCBReader # nodeGraphFromFile:owner:parentSize: = name:"load"; merge:"nodeGraphFromFile:"|"nodeGraphFromFile:owner:",
CCBReader # sceneWithNodeGraphFromFile:owner:parentSize: = name:"loadScene"; merge:"sceneWithNodeGraphFromFile:"|"sceneWithNodeGraphFromFile:owner:",
CCBReader#reader = name:"create",
CCBAnimationManager#setCompletedAnimationCallbackBlock: = name:"setCompletedAnimationCallback";manual,
# Struct properties
# options:
# opaque The structure will be treated as 'opaque' and can't not be inspected from JS.
# Opaque structures are much faster to generate than 'manual' or 'automatic' structures
# manual Manual conversion is provided for this structures. jsval_to_structname() and structname_to_jsval shall exists in your project
struct_properties = CGPoint = manual,
CGSize = manual,
CGRect = manual,
# BridgeSupport files
# add as many as you need. Usually you will only one.
bridge_support_file = CocosBuilderReader.bridgesupport
# File that contains information that complements BridgeSupport (not present on BridgeSupport file)
complement_file = CocosBuilderReader-complement.txt