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Dashboards for Sage 200

You can use this connector to export key Sage 200 data to a HTML dashboard to be displayed on a web browser in your office.


The following dashboard elements are available for this connector:

  • Invoice Average MTD
  • Invoice Average YTD
  • Invoice Count DTD
  • Invoice Count MTD
  • Invoice Count YTD
  • Invoice Total DTD
  • Invoice Total MTD
  • Invoice Total YTD
  • Purchase Order Average MTD
  • Purchase Order Average YTD
  • Purchase Order Count DTD
  • Purchase Order Count MTD
  • Purchase Order Count YTD
  • Purchase Order Total DTD
  • Purchase Order Total MTD
  • Purchase Order Total YTD
  • Sales Order Average MTD
  • Sales Order Average YTD
  • Sales Order Count DTD
  • Sales Order Count MTD
  • Sales Order Count YTD
  • Sales Order Profit DTD
  • Sales Order Profit MTD
  • Sales Order Profit YTD
  • Sales Order Total DTD
  • Sales Order Total MTD
  • Sales Order Total YTD
  • Total Creditors
  • Total Debtors
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