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User Interface for Zynthian
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jofemodo Fix #150: Controller MIDI-learning doesn't work with setBfree.
Solved by zyncoder patch (f01eb07) + calling "before" zyncoder's set_midi_learning_mode(1).
Latest commit 8fde319 Sep 18, 2019

Zynthian User Interface

Zynthian is an Open Synth Platform based in Raspberry Pi, Linux (Raspbian) and some Open Software Synthesizers.

Image of Zynthian Box Design

Zynthian is a multi-engine platform and at the present time can run the next Synth Engines:

Image of Zynthian Software Architecture

The Zynthian Distribution includes a good amount of sound libraries and presets, but can be extended by the user.

A Zynthian Box is a hardware device that complains the Zynthian Hardware Specification:

  • Raspberry Pi 2/3
  • HifiBerry DAC+ or other soundcard compatible with RBPi
  • PiTFT touchscreen or other screen compatible with RBPi
  • 4 rotary encoders + switches (Zynthian controller modules)
  • GPIO expander (MCP23008) => you need it because the RBPi GPIOs are not enough
  • MIDI-IN using RBPi UART (optional)

Image of Zynthian Hardware Architecture

This repository contains the specific software used by a Zynthian Box. It includes the "User Interface software" and some "setup scripts".

A standard Zynthian Box get updated from this repository by default, but can be configured to get updated from other repositories.

You can learn more about the Zynthian Project reading the blog or visiting the website. Also, you can join the conversation in the forum.

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