Tool to measure code coverage of Android applications when their source code is not available
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Towards Black Box Testing of Android Apps


BBoxTester is a framework able to generate code coverage reports and produce uniform coverage metrics in testing of the Android applications when the source code of them is not available.

This work has been done at the University of Trento.


The results of our research will be presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Software Assurance (SAW '15) to be held in conjunction with the 10th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security

Currently, please use the following bibtex reference to cite our paper:

    author={Zhauniarovich, Yury and Philippov, Anton and Gadyatskaya, Olga and Crispo, Bruno and Massacci, Fabio},
    title={Towards Black Box Testing of Android Apps}, 
    booktitle={2015 Tenth International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES)},

Repository Description

BBoxTester folder contains main resources of the application, while BBoxTester_Instr_Sources directory stores only code for the auxiliary classes which are required for application operation.

In BBoxTester folder:

  1. Scripts, and contain examples we used for experiments.
  2. shows different options how the tool can be used.
  3. describes the strategies currently implemented for the application testing.
  4. contains the main class.


  1. Apktool released under Apache-2.0 License.
  2. dex2jar released under Apache-2.0 License.
  3. Emma released under Common Public Lisence.
  4. aapt, dx and zipalign are parts of Android Open Source Project and released under Apache-2.0 Lisence.


The tool is distributed under Apache-2.0 license. The citation of the paper is highly appreciated.