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A Sikuli/Python 3.x bot that watches Khan Academy videos.

To respect Khan Academy's Terms of Service, video links are not distributed publicly. You can grab your own using cURL and pup.

Requirements and Assumptions

  1. Bot runs on Windows 7.
  2. Khan Academy videos will show a play button on load when you visit a video page directly after opening a browser.

Running the bot

Close your browser first. Make a playlist text file with one route per line.


Run python

The bot will look for the "X" to close the browser when its done so as to keep out of OS-specific kill commands and related permission issues. (TODO: Add other "X" buttons)

Mark file

The bot will create a mark text file in its directory. It holds the line in the playlist where the bot started reading. It updates whenever the bot terminates so it can pick up where it last left off.

Change the mark file to the (zero-based) line number where you want the bot to start next time you fire it up.


This is used to break the compulsion loop for user retention on Khan Academy as a POC from the Moral Cheating series.