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Working version of a hefty `autoptimizeStyles::minify()` rewrite + wh…


* A lot more robust CDN replacement + now matches local font files too (not only background images)
* DRY-ed up some code, removed multiple code paths with duplicated code
* improved performance by moving certain parts out of the loop and/or making sure certain operations are not done multiple times when filtering/excluding stuff
* added some comments/docs, more to come

Needs testing, especially of the `datauri` inilining option.
CDN replacements have been tested extensively (albeit on a more-or-less stock WP setup -- some exotic subfolder and/or multisite installs might barf, although I'm not sure they would've worked without problems in the old version either)
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zytzagoo committed Mar 9, 2015
1 parent 801a2cb commit 4b4f29a7606009804e3cf7bfb38d4280bfecb088
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