WP plugin to automatically merge multiple google web fonts requests into a single one.
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WP Google Fonts Optimizer

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WP Google Fonts Optimizer is a super-easy way to ensure your WordPress theme is not performing unnecessary extra requests for Google Web Fonts (in cases when you use more than one font family on a page).

It automatically scans your enqueued stylesheets and combines them into a single request when needed.

Optionally, for poorly coded themes (and/or conflicts with other plugins), it can scan and modify the generated markup.


See Releases.

Or install it to your plugin directory via Composer:

composer create-project zytzagoo/wp-google-fonts-optimizer --no-dev


Install and activate the plugin, it should do it's job automatically after that.

Details / Troubleshooting

By default, the plugin enqueues a new stylesheet (with combined font families etc.) and removes any found/enqueued stylesheets.

If your theme doesn't enqueue the Google Fonts properly (or if there is a potential conflict with another plugin/theme on your site), you can modify the way the plugin works and change it so that it parses the generated markup (instead of it inspecting the enqueued URLs). Do so by adding a filter to your functions.php (or even better, use a mu-plugin).

add_filter( 'zwf_gfo_mode', function( $mode ) {
    return 'markup';

When in markup mode, it replaces existing <link> elements with a new one and places it in the <head>. This mode also supports creating a Web Font Loader <script> tag, if that's what you'd prefer. Turn it on using a filter:

add_filter( 'zwf_gfo_markup_type', function( $type ) {
    return 'script';

License (MIT)