Future Enhancements V2 #22

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zz85 commented Jan 1, 2015

Most of the checkboxes in #1 should be finished real soon, and I have a couple random ideas from the top of my head for what's next (if we decide to come back from a break after #1).

  • Github / Gist API integration (for saving / sharing snipplets)
  • URL based loading (similar to the way in glsl-sandbox)
  • Resizable editor panes
  • Tern integration
  • Extending the UI to allow auto-formatting for other presets (eg. jquery / google / etc)
  • (also, i think this makes a good front-end / gui tool for tweaking jscs rules honestly)
  • display column of cursor
  • show lint / diff markings in the scrollbar (the way search is done in chrome)
  • make library loading modular (eg. with system.js)
  • making this mobile-friendly (most work will be making the existing code editor mobile friendly first)
  • uglifyjs plugin
  • live preview
  • test suite

Likely there's isn't a need to implementing most or even many of these (we probably also bloat this up try to do so), but this list would serve a purpose for anyone to explore this further

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