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@@ -1,46 +1 @@
-# blarghhhhhhhhhhhh
-So you've found my little blogging application have you?
-Kudos to you for being so intuitive. I assure that this tiny sinatra app is
-more than meets the eye.
-`blarghhhh` relies entirely upon [github]( to
-provide an interface for you to enjoy my writing in an efficient manner.
-You can see that all of my articles are easily drawn from an [entirely separate
-This allows me to easily add new posts and update existing ones directly from
-the [editor of my choice]( All of the articles are just
-plain text files in [markdown
-## what you see is what you get
-`blarghhhh` gets some help from [nokogiri](,
-[pygments]( via
-[albino](, and
-[redcarpet]( to properly render the
-markdown text and even highlight any code blocks included in the article. Just
-like you see when reading the article directly on github. Having legible code
-on my blog is a priority and I'm going to assume you know why.
-## everyone's got a blarghhhh these days
-You can try to set up a `blarghhhh` of your own if you have any familiarity
-with [Sinatra]( There shouldn't be any problem
-getting it to run on [heroku]( as that's my platform of
-choice. All of the configurables can be hard coded directly in the source or
-using `ENV`'s with the help of [heroku's `config`
-## make it so
-Customizing your own is a different story however, as all the views are inline
-the source for my own sake. Although, all the data is drawn from the api of the
-target repository, the design is written inline using
-[haml]( and [sass]( At the moment,
-I don't have any plans to add theme support or anything fancy like that, but
-feel free to [fork away]( and make any
-improvements you'd like.
+this readme is false
@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@
require "sinatra"
set :base_uri, ''
-set :ga_id, ENV['GA_ID'] || 'UA-26071793-1'
-set :ga_domain, ENV['GA_DOMAIN'] || ''
-set :userid, ENV['GITHUB_USER'] || 'zzak'
-set :repoid, ENV['GITHUB_REPO'] || ''
+set :ga_id, ENV['GA_ID']
+set :ga_domain, ENV['GA_DOMAIN']
+set :userid, ENV['GITHUB_USER']
+set :repoid, ENV['GITHUB_REPO']
set :public_folder, File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/public'
set :views, File.dirname(__FILE__)

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