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About Kensho

Kensho was built for the 2010 Rails Rumble competition, a 48 hour hackathon. Although, it is actually a Sinatra application that relies on Nokogiri and W3C to build the api.

Validation Service


Choose the HTML option and paste in your markup to be validated by the W3C


Paste in your Cascading Style Sheets to be validated by the W3C


Paste in your RSS feed or other XML markup for validation by the Nokogiri gem

Command Line Service


Kensho provides an easy to use json api, that you can access via curl

Echo or Pipe your markup to the api

Example usage of json api:

curl '' | curl -F markup=@-


Kensho also provides a yaml api, accessible via curl

Simply swap 'json' with 'yaml' in the URI

curl '' | curl -F markup=@-
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