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Legal Notice Information

The files in this distribution are covered by the Ruby license (see LICENSE) except the features mentioned below:


Darkfish was written by Michael Granger and is included under the MIT license. Darkfish contains images from the Silk Icons set by Mark James.

See lib/rdoc/generator/darkfish.rb for license information.

  • lib/rdoc/generator/darkfish.rb

  • lib/rdoc/generator/template/darkfish/*

  • lib/rdoc/generator/template/darkfish/images


Portions of SDoc by (Володя Колесников) Vladimir Kolesnikov are included under the MIT license as RDoc::Generator::JsonIndex. See lib/rdoc/generator/json_index.rb for license information.

  • lib/rdoc/generator/json_index.rb

  • lib/rdoc/generator/template/json_index/*

  • The #search_index methods on RDoc::CodeObject subclasses were derived from sdoc.

  • RDoc::ClassModule#document_self_or_methods comes from SDoc.


RDoc's Markdown support is derived from peg-markdown by John MacFarlane. It is used under the MIT license. See RDoc::Markdown for license details.


test/test_rdoc_markdown_test.rb uses MarkdownTest 1.0.3's source files which are included as test/MarkdownTest_1.0.3/*.text which are Copyright © 2004-2005 John Gruber and is included under the same terms as Perl itself.

See for the terms of the Perl license.


Source Code Pro is © 2010, 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Lato is © 2010 Łukasz Dziedzic.

Both fonts are used under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. The license is available at

See lib/rdoc/generator/template/darkfish/fonts.css for complete copyright and license information, including a copy of the OFL.