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“The best revenge is massive success.”
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Sinatra Website / Documentation

This repo contains the Sinatra website and documentation sources published at

Working Locally

Grab the sources from github:

$ git clone git://
$ cd

Install dependencies:

$ gem install jekyll
$ gem install rdoc -v 2.3.0

Run the test server:

$ rake server

Changes are immediately available at:


See GitHub's "Forking a project" for more information.

Creating Blog Posts

Blog posts are stored under the _posts directory. To create a new blog post and open your $EDITOR, use:

thor blog:new 'Blog Post Title'

This requires Thor:

$ gem install thor

Prebuilt Files

You will need thor, rdoc, haml and mislav's hanna gem to rebuild static files and the API docs:

$ gem install thor
$ gem install rdoc -v 2.3.0
$ gem install haml -v 2.0.4
$ gem install mislav-hanna --source=

The prebuilt file sources are maintained under the sinatra and sinatra-book projects. To pull in the latest versions and build them:

rake pull build

The generated files under the "_includes" and "api" directories need to be committed after building. To regenerate and add those files to your index for the next commit:

rake regen
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