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fs: require 'fs'
CoffeeScript: require 'coffee-script'
# Run a CoffeeScript through our node/coffee interpreter.
run: (args) ->
proc: process.createChildProcess 'bin/coffee', args
proc.addListener 'error', (err) -> if err then puts err
option '-p', '--prefix [DIR]', 'set the installation prefix for `cake install`'
task 'install', 'install CoffeeScript into /usr/local (or --prefix)', (options) ->
base: options.prefix or '/usr/local'
lib: base + '/lib/coffee-script'
'mkdir -p ' + lib
'cp -rf bin lib LICENSE README package.json src vendor ' + lib
'ln -sf ' + lib + '/bin/coffee ' + base + '/bin/coffee'
'ln -sf ' + lib + '/bin/cake ' + base + '/bin/cake'
].join(' && '), (err, stdout, stderr) ->
if err then print stderr
task 'build', 'build the CoffeeScript language from source', ->
files: fs.readdirSync 'src'
files: 'src/' + file for file in files when file.match(/\.coffee$/)
run ['-c', '-o', 'lib'].concat(files)
task 'build:full', 'checkout /lib, rebuild the source twice, and run the tests', ->
exec 'git co lib && bin/cake build && bin/cake build && bin/cake test', (err, stdout, stderr) ->
print stdout if stdout
print stderr if stderr
throw err if err
task 'build:parser', 'rebuild the Jison parser (run build first)', ->
require.paths.unshift 'vendor/jison/lib'
parser: require('grammar').parser
js: parser.generate()
parser_path: 'lib/parser.js'
fs.writeFile parser_path, js
task 'build:ultraviolet', 'build and install the Ultraviolet syntax highlighter', ->
exec 'plist2syntax extras/CoffeeScript.tmbundle/Syntaxes/CoffeeScript.tmLanguage', (err) ->
exec 'sudo mv coffeescript.yaml /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ultraviolet-0.10.2/syntax/coffeescript.syntax'
task 'build:browser', 'rebuild the merged script for inclusion in the browser', ->
exec 'rake browser', (err) ->
throw err if err
task 'doc:site', 'watch and continually rebuild the documentation for the website', ->
exec 'rake doc'
task 'doc:source', 'rebuild the internal documentation', ->
exec 'docco src/*.coffee && cp -rf docs documentation && rm -r docs', (err) ->
throw err if err
task 'doc:underscore', 'rebuild the documentation page', ->
exec 'uv -s coffeescript -t idle -h examples/ > documentation/underscore.html'
task 'test', 'run the CoffeeScript language test suite', ->
process.mixin require 'assert'
test_count: 0
start_time: new Date()
[original_ok, original_throws]: [ok, throws]
process.mixin {
ok: (args...) -> test_count += 1; original_ok(args...)
throws: (args...) -> test_count += 1; original_throws(args...)
process.addListener 'exit', ->
time: ((new Date() - start_time) / 1000).toFixed(2)
puts '\033[0;32mpassed ' + test_count + ' tests in ' + time + ' seconds\033[0m'
fs.readdir 'test', (err, files) ->
for file in files
fs.readFile 'test/' + file, (err, code) -> code, {source: file}
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