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100644 16 lines (15 sloc) 176 Bytes
142dc02 @tj Added benchmarks utilizing apache bench
tj authored
1 .DS_Store
0cbf12b @tj Fixed writing of pid when using -D, --daemonize
tj authored
2 pids
c78eb81 @tj Implemented logging for bin/connect workers
tj authored
3 logs
87fe661 @tj More daemonization work
tj authored
4 results
5 *.pid
d394827 @tj Cleaning up after staticGzip tests
tj authored
6 *.gz
bad7c27 @tj Added --pidfile, --logfile to bin/connect
tj authored
7 *.log
197cd4d @tj Fixed compiler src 404
tj authored
8 lib-cov
9 test/fixtures/
8f2b7d3 @jacquescrocker Add Coffee-Script compiler tests
jacquescrocker authored
10 test/fixtures/style.css
4b61b82 @tj Ignoring ./test.js
tj authored
11 test/fixtures/script.js
12 test.js
9b9ce81 @tj started style
tj authored
13 docs/*.html
14 docs/*.json
8938179 @tj ignore node_modules
tj authored
15 node_modules
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