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Dust core unit-tests

core tests run on node, use the following command

 node test/server.js

Dust unit-tests using jasmine

In the current distribution of dust, we have unit tests in jasmine for both the client and the nodejs version. If you want to run the client version just open the html page called specRunner.html located in


Pre-requisites for tests on node server version:

  • install nodejs 0.6 or greater
  • install npm
  • install jasmine test framework : npm install -g jasmine-node

In order to run the node.js version of dust, run this command in the terminal

 node test/jasmine-test/server/specRunner.js

Run tests with make

  • core unit tests: make test

  • jasmine unit test make jasmine

Note: the above commands has to be run in the project root folder.

Code coverage report

We are using a tool called node-cover, it can be installed by npm with the following command:

 npm install cover -g

Once you have installed cover, you can use it to generate the code coverage results

Run Cover

  cover run test/jasmine-test/server/specRunner.js // runs all the test and creates a folder with results.

  cover report // shows you a table with % code covered, missed lines, #lines, %blocks, missed blocks and # blocks.

  cover report html //creates a folder the location where you run the command and the report is in html.

Cover creates one html file per js file used by the test. The lines that are not covered are shown on red.

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