Sentry transport for winston logger for node js
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Sentry transport for winston logger for node js

Follow this sample configuration to use:

var winston = require('winston'),
    Mail = require('winston-mail').Mail,
    Sentry = require('winston-sentry');

var logger = new winston.Logger({
    transports: [
        new winston.transports.Console({level: 'silly'}),
        new Sentry({
                level: 'warn',
                dsn: "{{ YOUR SENTRY DSN }}

If you want to use patchGlobal to catch all uncatched errors, simply pass it as option like this:

new Sentry({
    patchGlobal: true

Winston logging levels are mapped to the default sentry levels like this:

silly: 'debug',
verbose: 'debug',
info: 'info',
debug: 'debug',
warn: 'warning',
error: 'error',

New with version 0.0.3!

  • when logging as error level, it will implicitly call raven's captureError which will also capture the stack trace.

  • the winston.Logger object exposes the sentry client as sentry_client. Usage is simple:

    logger = new winston.Logger(...); logger.sentry_client.captureQuery("SELECT * FROM users;");

** TODO:

  • capture sentry identifiers?