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Co-Process for backup/recovery, Token Management, and Centralized Configuration management for Cassandra.

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Priam is a process/tool built for Apache Cassandra to perform the following:
- Token management
- Configuration
- Backup and recovery (Complete and incremental)
- Supports AWS environment

Apache Cassandra is a highly available column oriented database:
and Priam is a father of cassandra in greek mythology. 

Priam is actively developed and used at Netflix. 

- Token management using simpledb (other implementations to follow)
- Support multi-region Cassandra deployment in AWS via public IP.
- Automated security group update in multi-region environment.
- Backup SSTables to S3.
- Backup uses Snappy compression to compress data on fly. They do not disturb file cache and are throttled.
- Pluggable modules for the future enhancements. (supporting for multiple data storage).
- APIs to list and restore backup data.
- Commit log backup (coming upi, stay tuned)
- Scheduler interface for better thread Priority.
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