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DataStax Brisk

This package contains a HDFS compatable layer (CFS) and a CassandraJobConf which can be used to run MR jobs without HDFS or dedicated job/task trackers.

It also includes a hive-driver for accessing data in cassandra as well as a hive meta-store implementation.

Hadoop jobs and Hive are setup to work with MR cluster.

For detailed docs please see:

You can also discuss Brisk on freenode #datastax-brisk

Required Setup

On linux systems, you need to run the following as root

echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory

This is to avoid OOM errors when tasks are spawned.

Getting Started

To try it out run:

  1. compile and download all dependencies

  2. start cassandra with built in job/task trackers

     ./bin/brisk cassandra -t
  3. view jobtracker

  4. examine CassandraFS

     ./bin/brisk hadoop fs -lsr cfs:///
  5. start hive shell or webUI

     ./bin/brisk hive


     ./bin/brisk hive --service hwi

open web browser to http://localhost:9999/hwi