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Explain what this command is for.
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@@ -62,14 +62,16 @@ This will perform the operation then drop you into a shell in which you can perf
usage: operation [options]
operation can be one of: insert, read, rangeslice, multiget, replay [N]
- -o,--operation <arg> One of insert, read, rangeslice, multiget, verify_last_insert
+ -o,--operation <arg> One of insert, read, rangeslice, multiget, verify_last_insert (1)
-b,--batch-size <arg> The number of rows in the batch_mutate call
-t,--threads <arg> The number of client threads we will create
-c,--columns <arg> The number of columsn to create per key
-C,--clients <arg> The number of pooled clients to use
To re-run the operation again, just type the operation name. So from the initial example above, re-running the read operation with the same parameters would be:
+(1) Must run single thread (-t 1) and QUORUM:QUORUM. Intended to test in a cluster of at least 3 nodes RF = 3.
`[cassanra-stress] read`

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