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Various examples of using the Hector API to access Apache Cassandra

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Provides example classes for using Hector to access Apache Cassandra (0.7.0-beta1). These examples were inspired by the same questions appearing reapeatedly on: from users with a big variance in skill level.

The goals for each of these classes are:

  • be completely atomic
  • be as simple as possible
  • have minimal dependencies
  • demonstrate a specific API call with the Hector client
  • sacrifice reuse and encapsulation for the sake of clarity

Each class can be directly executed via maven like so:

mvn -e exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="com.riptano.cassandra.hector.example.[class name]"

These classes assume you have an instance of Cassandra running on localhost:9160 with the default configuration.

Additional Sources of Information

Mail List:

Hector Wiki:

Hector Doc at Riptano:

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