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zznate commented Mar 7, 2013

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boneill42 and others added some commits Mar 6, 2013

@boneill42 boneill42 Implementing Set operaiton for REST handler. 30886c6
@boneill42 boneill42 Merge branch 'master' of into virgil-r…
@boneill42 boneill42 Switched to use IntraReq (vs. JsonObject directly) 6c0f67b
@boneill42 boneill42 Working list keyspaces! 96ab5c5
@boneill42 boneill42 Removed extra imports (beginnings of list CFs) 6dcefae
@boneill42 boneill42 Example curl for list column families. 4399130
@boneill42 boneill42 Added import statement to pull in CreateProcessorHandler. 61f12fb
@zznate zznate Merge pull request #146 from boneill42/virgil-rest-handler
Initial design / flow for REST handler.
@zznate zznate Merge branch 'master' into virgil-rest-handler d47b5be
@zznate zznate minor log file string concat cleanup 6865eb4
@zznate zznate added additional README on impatient getting started f23f64f
@zznate zznate added REST and HTTP versions of list column family handler 8ccf899
@zznate zznate IntravertCassandraServer now deals specifically with the typed classe…
…s of keyspace and column family meta data
@zznate zznate Move to granular handlers: Made core rest handler abstract so handleR…
…equestAsync gets implemented by action-specfic handlers
@zznate zznate added error message construciton handler. Might be issue with the way…
… OperationsReq.Handler deals with JSON integers in general.
@zznate zznate Moved statics for common request params into IntravertRestUtils b02021b
@zznate zznate MOAR refectoring, cleanup for better control between REST dispatch an…
…d eventbus handlers
@zznate zznate removed unused registerHandlers method as it is redundant with firing…
… to existing handlers on event bus
@boneill42 boneill42 Create keyspace working. 4298a46
@boneill42 boneill42 REST createKeyspace working. 7a0a217
@boneill42 boneill42 Renaming REST handlers to better align with the operations. e3b21e4
@boneill42 boneill42 Drop keyspace (should work once the operation handler is implemented) 9f9efeb
@boneill42 boneill42 Moved handleRequestAsync to the superclass IntraHandlerRest.
Now, each handler implements a function for each HTTP method.
@zznate zznate Merge pull request #155 from boneill42/virgil-rest-handler
Added HTTP method specific functions, moving handleRequestAsync to super class.
@zznate zznate Merge branch 'master' into virgil-rest-handler cd224e9

@zznate zznate added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 7, 2013

@zznate zznate Merge pull request #156 from zznate/virgil-rest-handler
Virgil rest handler

@zznate zznate merged commit 6e81627 into master Mar 7, 2013

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