A version of spring-modules-cache with all dependencies not needed for ehcache removed
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Spring Modules EHCache
A version of spring-module-cache that works only with EHCache. 

This was a result of the dependency soup that is the current state of the
spring-modules-cache project. This is not meant to belittle or insult the work
done on that project, rather to get this very useful code working, particularly 
the spring-configuration cache tags, with minimal dependencies. 

The original code base is unchanged - only the implementations supporting
other caching providers were removed and the pom file created from scratch. Many
thanks to the original developers of this project.  

The version of EHCache supported is 1.7.2. 

Example Usage:
Here is a simple usage example in a Spring configuration file in which we wrap
a UserDao class explicitly caching the results of two methods into the same
EHCache region:

    <ehcache:proxy id="userDao" providerId="cacheProviderFacade">
        <bean class="com.mycompany.mypackage.dao.UserDaoImpl"/>
        <ehcache:caching methodName="getUsers"
            cacheName="_query.userDao" />
        <ehcache:caching methodName="getUserByEmail"
            cacheName="_query.userDao" />