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x86-64 Windows shellcode that recreates the Jurassic Park hacking scene (Ah, ah, ah... you didn't' say the magic word!)
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"Pop Nedry" x86-64 Payload

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Why pop calc, when you can pop Nedry!? This repository contains an x86-64 payload that recreates the Jurassic Park scene in which Dennis Nedry locks Ray Arnold out of his terminal. Upon execution it takes the following steps:

  1. Allocates a console window with a call to AllocConsole
  2. Outputs "YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD" repeatedly with calls to WriteConsoleA
  3. Dynamically loads winmm.dll and retrieves the procedure address for PlaySound
  4. Loads the "Ah, Ah, Ah...You didn't say the magic word" audio from memory using PlaySound
  5. Dynamically loads shell32.dll and retrieves the procedure address for ShellExecuteA
  6. Opens the target's browser to a web page hosting the infamous Nedry GIF using ShellExecuteA
  7. Sleeps for some time to let the audio play
  8. Restores the stack and ret's

This truly is "Hacker crap".


Build with Python script (Windows)

The python script is written for Windows. To run it make sure nasm and Python 2 are installed and added to your PATH environment variable. Then run the following command from the project's parent directory to generate a position independent shellcode binary:

> python --outfile nedry.bin --url

This will compile the assembly, drop the binary in .\build, and write in the Nedry page URL.

Manual build (Any OS)

You can also build the shellcode manually from any OS with nasm.

> cd .\src
> nasm -f bin -o pop-nedry.bin pop-nedry.asm

Once you've built the binary, you need to patch in your URL. To do so, open a hex editor and seek to 0x1dd. Overwrite the NULL bytes with your URL. Make sure it starts with http:// or https://. Do not use a URL that's more than 63 characters to ensure that you've left atleast one NULL to terminate the string.

Test Usage

Build the shellcode binary

> python --outfile nedry.bin --url

Start a Python web server to host the HTML Nedry page

> cd .\html
> python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

Test the shellcode with included ShellcodeTester.exe utilty (or your favorite exploit :P)

> cd .\utils
> ShellcodeTester.exe ..\build\nedry.bin


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