A Drupal template for Drupal-based sites at Code for America
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CfA Drupal Template

This is meant to be a Drupal template for Code for America when it builds Drupal-based sites.

Drush Make and Installing

It is much more sustainable to maintain a Drush Make file for a Drupal template. Read up about Drush and Drush Make here:

To install:

  1. Install Drush Make. See Above.
  • This should be fixed soon.
  1. Run: drush make https://github.com/codeforamerica/cfa-drupal-template/raw/master/cfa_base.make your_site_directory
  2. Go to site and choose the CfA Base install profile and install site like any other Drupal site.


The overall approach to this should be the following:

  • Create a Make File that includes all the parts to download.
  • Create separate Profile that installs modules and handles other install logic.
  • (maybe) Allow for the install profile to make choices about what to install
    • Note that Drupal profiles have a limitation of needing to be in their own folder and only one directory in, so there is no way for this repository to provide more than one Drupal install profile.


The cfa_example module is used for presentation purposes.

Coding Standards

Drupal has its own coding styles for PHP, JS, CSS, etc. Please follow when writing new Drupal modules.

Inspiration and Credit

README syntax

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