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= FlowGame TODO =

1-> Tuning utility

  • In-game tuning utility, expose and edit game parameters, save to (new) setting file, load into game
  • Json or yaml style config file
  • Tree structure for config file
  • Built in color editor, direction editor, graphics chooser

2-> Keyboard input

3-> Mouse input

3.5 -> Sound effects

3.6 -> Music

Allow resizable game canvas? Or make it non-resizable.


  • Order entities by supplied depth ordering when added, and when requested. Optionally every update

4-> Tile map

  • Load from tiled format?

  • Put tile, put rectangle of tiles

  • Either put specific tile, or one from a group with relative probabilities

  • Get tile type at point

  • Get tiles overlapping rectangle

  • Multiple layers, different scrollspeeds, entities in different layers

  • Isometric map rendering support?

5-> Animations

  • Straight loops, or markov chains
  • Animation queuing
  • Stop at next loop point and change to x animation -feature
  • Get currently running animation name / type

6-> Collisions

  • Organize entitites in groups, check collisions between groups / between an entity and a group
  • Check collisions between an entity and tiles in a tile map

7-> (low pri) Sprite sheets

  • Load many pictures from single large image, use naming convention specified in some datafile?

8-> Walk / jump code

  • Keep track of whether an entity is on a walkable tile or in air

Reference links:

Double buffering: