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Ludum dare 24 game entry

Troll Spirit

You are the god of a tribe of trolls. Nurture and evolve them, and help them vanquish all other trolls in the world!


Cross platform executable Jar (Win/Linux/OSX) and Android APK.

Launching instructions

Linux (Ubuntu)

  • Make sure the jar is executable (right click jar, properties -> permissions -> check executable).
  • Right click, Open with -> select your JVM (Sun JVM is best supported).

Windows / OSX

  • Make sure you have Java installed
  • Refer to your operating system vendor for Java application launching instructions (Seriously though, should probably work with double clicking or similar, as long as you have Java installed).


  • Scan the QR code in the screenshots below, open link.

PLaying Instructions

At your disposal you have a number of spells:

With the smite spell you can kill both enemy trolls and your own worshippers.

With the love spell you can help your trolls to fall in love, and get children. (They do fall in love on their own also.)

With the move spell you can command your trolls to go towards the place you click. They will usually obey you, but they may have other matters in mind too.

When you click an enemy with the rage spell your nearby trolls will heedlessly attack the target and fight to the last troll to kill it - even if it is one of their own.

With the food spell you can toss apples from the sky to your faithful followers as a prize, or to save them if they are dying in hunger.

Whit the watch spell you can listen to and observe one of your trolls. The watched troll is shown larger.

Using your spells will drain yor mana. But your mana will recover over time, and the more trolls you have, the faster it will recover

At the top of the screen you can see the number of your trolls that are alive as well as the total number of trolls.


Crated by zzorn and Shiera for Ludumdare 24 Game Jam, in August 2012.

Libraries used:

Tools used


zzorn @