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A library for raster image manipulation.

Planned features:

  • Tile based raster - allowing arbitrary sized pictures to be created
  • Float channels - for high dynamic range, and for generating heightmaps
  • Nested layers - with some operations to combine layers into a final multi-channel raster
  • Render operation - to draw some arbitrary content on the channels of a layer
  • Draw image operation - to draw (some of) the contents of another raster to another with an arbitrary transformation
  • Generators - to generate layer contents using some procedural means
  • View with zoom, rotation, pan - render the visible and generated layers to the specified view area.
  • Progressive update of the view - render fast sketch first, update view as rendering proceeds
  • Multi-threading support for generators, rendering, copying - to take advantage of multi-core CPU:s.
  • Full undo-redo queue - stores operations, caches or re-generates image tiles
  • Rendering masks, protecting layer contents from change.