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= Vacurover =

== About ==

Open source vacum cleaner robot project.

The idea is to have a stationary charging and dust deposit station, and one or more independent rovers.

Various planned features:
* Voice menu and voice status messages 
  * No need to follow LCD to see what robot does, 
  * Easy for robot to call for help if it is stuck or jammed or can't find the recharging station
  * Easy for non-trained people to deal with it).
* Cyclone like vacum system, that exhausts toward floor, directed towards intake, for increased airspeed at intake.
* Magnet for picking up metallic items from floor.
* IR leds and receivers in several directions for rover co-operation and for finding the recharging station.
* Simple whisker like touch sensors of different lengths around the bot, for cheap proximity sensing and wall following.
* Pulsing RGB status light for ambient communication of state and presence.
* Dust detector along suck-in pipe, to e.g. increase suction in dusty areas
* Wheels with bristled 'paddles', making it easier to climb over obstacles such as wires on the ground.
* Control with IR from normal TV remote.
* Acrylic transparent lid over cyclone & dust chamber, for easy spotting of jams and access to them if necessary (also used when cleaning the particle filter).

== License ==


== Needed Tools ==

* 3D Printer
* Soldering iron
* Etc.

== Parts List ==

* Printed parts
* Electronics (arduino compatible microcontroller)
* Motors, servos
* Brush bristles
* Various nuts and bolts

TODO: Detailed list in separate file.

== Assembly Instructions ==

* Print parts with 3D printer.
* Solder electronics.

TODO: Detailed assembly instructions

== Usage ==

TODO: Manual

== Webpage & Contact ==

Email: zzorn at iki dot fi