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Drop Down Terminal extension for the Gnome Shell





Preferences Preferences

Additional shortcuts

On top of the main shortcut to display/hide the terminal, there are additional shortcuts that can not be changed:

  • Ctrl-Shift-C: copy
  • Ctrl-Shift-V: paste

Additional configuration and tips

See the wiki for more configuration and tips.

Bug reporting

Use the Github issue tracker to report issues or ask for features matching the vision of this extension, in the next paragraph.


I want a terminal that fits in the gnome-shell spirit: elegant, fast, simple, straight to the point.

It is an extension (easy to install), it provides a nice default shortcut, a fast, but non-disruptive animation, does not consume anything if never used, etc. but it will not get all the features of gnome-terminal, that really is not the point. Use guake or yakuake instead if you want a full-fledged equivalent (albeit looking less integrated).

Of course, I'm opened to suggestions, but please do not ask for ultra advanced settings nobody will ever need, the code is already complex enough for reviewers to handle.

The only "controversial" feature I'm enclined to add at this point is multiple tabs support, because I myself am used to it, but even I can open a gnome-terminal with multiple tabs already for long working sessions: that complements this extension quite well. But it will not impact regular users with no tab: the terminal must remain slick by default.

As a side note, a lot of things can not be done with bindings and thus extensions.