Unity-QuickSheet enables you to use spreadsheet file data within Unity editor.
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Unity-QuickSheet enables you to use google and excel spreadsheet data within Unity editor. With Unity-QuickSheet, you can retrieve data from a spreadsheet and save it as an asset file with a ScriptableObject format even without writing single line of code.


  • Easy! No need to write any single line of code.
  • Convenient! It can retrieve data from excel file. (both of xls and xlsx format are supported on Windows, only xls on OSX.)
  • Flexible! It can also retrieve data from google spreadsheet.
  • Fast! No need to write a parser to retrieve data, it automatically serializes retrieved data into Unity3D's ScriptableObject, the binary format and so it is fast than to use XML which is usually ASCII format.

Saying again, you don't need to write even single line of code to import data from a spreadsheet whatever Excel or Google spreadsheet.


Documentation, located on GitBook site found on here.

Also you can find 'Unity-Quicksheet.pdf', a pdf file same as the one on the GitBook page

  • Release Note: See the Release page for change log.
  • Unity Forum: You can also find 'Unity-Quicksheet' on the Unity forum page found on here. Any feedbacks, patches or suggestions are always welcome!


  • Unity Serialization on Unity's forum for details of serialization mechanism.
  • GDataDB is used to retrieve data from Google Spreadsheet. Note that GDataDB is slightly modified to support enum type.
  • NPOI is used to read xls and xlsx file.
  • All "*.dll" files of Google Data SDK are available at Google Data API SDK
  • Newtonsoft.Json source code for net 2.0 is available at here
  • Unity-GoogleData, my previous effort to import a spreadsheet data into Unity.


This code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.

Other code or libraries borrowed from GDataDB, NPOI and Google Data API SDK follow its license.

Copyright (c) 2013 Kim, Hyoun Woo