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pg8000 passing more tests #125

merged 5 commits into from Aug 16, 2014

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tlocke commented Jul 27, 2014

With the newly released pg8000-1.9.13 and this PR, we should be passing all tests. There's the caveat that it'll fail on the hstore type (and possibly other types that aren't in the default Postgres installation), but I'll get on to that later.

tlocke added some commits Jul 26, 2014
@tlocke tlocke With pg8000-1.9.13 passes engine/test_reconnect
The pg8000 dialect checks the text of the exception to determine if the
connection is closed. I'd (recklessly!) changed the text of the
exception in a recent version of the pg8000 driver adding capitalization
and a full stop. I've changed it back now so all works.
@tlocke tlocke PEP8 tidy of test/engine/test_reconnect f586754
@tlocke tlocke Remove spurious print statements in pg8000 dialect 2e44749
@tlocke tlocke two_phase_recover, COMMIT PREPARED in transaction
In test/engine/test_transaction/test_two_phase_recover(), a COMMIT
PREPARED is issued while in a transaction. This causes an error, and
a prepared transaction is left hanging around which causes
the subsequent test to hang. I've altered the test to execute the
offending query with autocommit=true, then when it gets to the COMMIT
PRPARED it can go ahead.

There's another complication for pg8000 because its tpc_recover() method
started a transaction if one wasn't already in progress. I've decided
that this is incorrect behaviour and so from pg8000-1.9.13 this method
never starts or stops a transaction.
@tlocke tlocke pg8000 now supports sane_multi_rowcount
From pg8000-1.9.14 sane_multi_rowcount is supported so this commit
updates the dialect accordingly.
tlocke commented Aug 2, 2014

pg8000-1.9.14 supports sane_multi_rowcount, so I've updated the pg8000 dialect to say so.

zzzeek commented Aug 7, 2014

OK, I'll try to get to this soon. Am very backlogged.

@zzzeek zzzeek merged commit 0dbe9d9 into zzzeek:master Aug 16, 2014
zzzeek commented Aug 16, 2014

thanks - also see 589f205 which adds version detection for this.

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