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configurable bar for macOS
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Pecan is a bar for macOS. It was built to be highly configurable and — by default — reports the current workspace, network bandwidth, date, battery percentage and time.

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Pecan requires Übersicht. Once Übersicht is installed, you can clone this repository to where your Übersicht bars are placed.

git clone "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Übersicht/widgets/Pecan"

If Übersicht is running, then the bar should appear.

Customization & Themes

Load themes

Pecan includes a tool pecan-style to allow users to save and load themes. There are, by default, a few included themes.

To install pecan-style, first place it in your $PATH

ln -s "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Übersicht/widgets/Pecan/pecan-style" "/usr/local/bin"

Then if you want to load the Fillmore theme, you do it like so:

pecan-style --load fillmore

You can also save and list themes by — respectively — using --save and --list.

Create themes

Because Pecan is styled using CSS3 variables, the top lines of style.css can easily be edited to change properties like opacity, alignment, padding, colors and more. If you are using this bar with Wal, then you should be editing scss/style.scss instead.

Pecan + Xanthia

If Xanthia is installed then it will now use Pecan's CSS/SCSS files.

Optional features

Network Bandwidth

Current download and upload speeds may be shown in the 2nd-to-left element via Ifstat. If Ifstat is not found, then the current wifi network will be displayed instead. To install Ifstat via Homebrew:

brew install ifstat


Current workspace ID can be shown on the left element if ChunkWM is installed, otherwise a power symbol will be shown instead. To install ChunkWM:

brew tap koekeishiya/formulae
brew install chunkwm


Pecan can pull a color palette generated by Wal using Sassc. I have included a script, wal-set, that will perform this.

To install Sassc:

brew install sassc

And then you must change the username at the top of scss/style.scss to that of your own:

sed -i -e "s/zzzeyez/$USER/g" "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Übersicht/widgets/Pecan/scss/style.scss"

Now you can run the script to use Wal's palettes:

bash "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Übersicht/widgets/Pecan/wal-set"
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