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Screenshot 1

A bar for macOS. Reports — by default — the current workspace, cpu load, network bandwidth, date, battery percentage and time.

Support via PayPal


pecan requires Übersicht.

Once Übersicht is installed, download this repository to wherever your widgets are stored (by default ~/Library/Application Support/Übersicht/widgets/).

This can be done via the terminal like so:

brew tap caskroom/cask
brew install --cask ubersicht
git clone "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Übersicht/widgets/pecan"

If Übersicht is running, then the bar should appear.

Customization & Themes

Screenshot 4

This is a picture of my current config with all optional features enabled.

To edit the appearance you can place a config at ~/.config/pecan.css – the included config.css can be placed there to discover options.

mv "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Übersicht/widgets/pecan/config.css" "${HOME}/.config/pecan.css"

Optional features

Screenshot 2

This is pecan's default appearance with ifstat, yabai, xanthia and landscape installed.


Ifstat displays current upload and download speeds. Current download and upload speeds may be shown in the 2nd-to-left element via Ifstat. If Ifstat is not found, then the current WiFi network will be displayed instead. To install Ifstat via Homebrew:

brew install ifstat


Yabai is a window manager. Current workspace ID can be shown on the left element if Yabai is installed, otherwise a power symbol will be shown instead. To install Yabai:

brew install yabai


xanthia is a notification system. If xanthia is installed then it will display notifications on the left (useful for showing current song playing, chat notifications, etc.) xanthia will use pecan's config at ~/.config/pecan.css. Install xanthia.


landscape is a workspace selector. If landscape is installed then it will display clickablle images of available workspaces on the left. landscape will use pecan's config at ~/.config/pecan.css. Install landscape.


Screenshot 3

This is pecan with all optional features and pywal installed.

Pywal is a system colorscheme manager. If Pywal is installed then pecan will grab it's colors from that by default.