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zzzhc's vimrc for rails developer


clone vimrc

git clone git://github.com/zzzhc/vimrc.git
cd vimrc

link vimrc to ~/.vimrc

ln -sf `pwd`/vimrc ~/.vimrc

get vundle

mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
git clone https://github.com/gmarik/vundle ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

link macros to ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

ln -s `pwd`/macros ~/.vim/bundle/vundle/

install vim scripts

Launch vim, run :BundleInstall


puts your own vimrc to ~/.vim/.vimrc, ~/.vimrc will source it.

bundle list



  • color scheme is railscasts theme
  • All trailing white spaces will be removed when saving file
  • Tab is expanded to 2 spaces
  • Using :cstag instead of the default :tag behavior
  • Backup is disabled
  • autoindent is on
  • autochdir is off, use \cd to switch current window's directory to editing file's


  • \t search file under current directory, like textmate's Command+t
  • <F2> toggle NERDTree
  • <F3> grep recursive
  • <F4> toggle TagList
  • <F5> VCSBlame
  • <F6> find tags
  • <F7> find buffers
  • <F8> find files
  • <Ctrl + s> save
  • <Ctrl + insert> copy
  • <Shift + insert> paste
  • tt open new tab
  • td close current tab
  • tn move to next tab
  • tp move to previous tab
  • [mac only] command + number switch tab

align code

  • in visual mode, ah aligh code by =>
  • in visual mode, ae aligh code by =

rails fuf

when you open a rails project, below abbrs is set for fuzzy find files

  • r: search under project root
  • cc: search under config
  • a: search under app
  • c: search under app/controllers
  • m: search under app/models
  • v: search under app/views
  • h: search under app/helpers
  • j: search under public/javascripts and app/assets/javascripts
  • ss: search under public/stylesheets and app/assets/stylesheets
  • s: search under spec
  • p: search under vendor/plugins