C# SQL Bulk Operations | High performance C# bulk insert, update, delete and merge for SQL Server, SQL Azure, SQL Compact, MySQL and SQLite.
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Improve SQL insert, update, delete and merge performance and overcome SqlBulkCopy limitations

  • Auditing
  • Case Sensitivity
  • Entity DataSource / Lambda Mapping
  • Output Value
  • And more...

SQL Server - Benchmarks

Operations 1,000 Rows 10,000 Rows 100,000 Rows 1,000,000 Rows
Insert 6 ms 25 ms 200 ms 2,000 ms
Update 50 ms 80 ms 575 ms 6,500 ms
Delete 45 ms 70 ms 625 ms 6,800 ms
Merge 65 ms 160 ms 1,200 ms 12,000 ms

As fast as SqlBulkCopy for insert but with way more capabilities


Support Multiple SQL Providers:

  • SQL Server 2008+
  • SQL Azure
  • SQL Compact
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle

Support Multiple Datasources:

  • Entity
  • DataTable
  • DataRow
  • DataReader
  • DataSet
  • Expando Object



PM> Install-Package Z.BulkOperations

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Insert - Output Identity Value


You need to output newly generated identity value but SqlBulkCopy do not support it.


Map your identity column with output direction.

var bulk = new BulkOperation(connection);

bulk.ColumnMappings.Add("CustomerID", ColumnMappingDirectionType.Output);
// ... mappings ...


You can also output concurrency column (Timestamp) or any other column values. All kind of mapping direction are supported including "Formula" to use with a SQL Formula.

Entity DataSource / Lambda Mapping


You have a list of entity to insert but SqlBulkCopy doesn't support entity and lambda expression mapping.


Create a generic bulk operations with your entity type and use lambda expression for your column input, output and primary key mapping.

var bulk = new BulkOperation<Customer>(connection);

bulk.ColumnInputExpression = c => new { c.Name,  c.FirstName };
bulk.ColumnOutputExpression = c => c.CustomerID;
bulk.ColumnPrimaryKeyExpression = c => c.Code;


Get rid of hardcoded string and use strongly-typed lambda expressions.

AutoMapping & Case Sensitivity


You have a DataTable which columns name match name in the database but SqlBulkCopy throw an error because name match are case insensitive.


Turn off case sensitivity with IsCaseSensitive property.

var bulk = new BulkOperation(connection);

bulk.IsCaseSensitive = false;


Remove useless code which would have required to create your own mapping and keep the essentials.


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PRO Version unlocked for the current month

Features PRO Version
Bulk Insert Yes
Bulk Update Yes
Bulk Delete Yes
Bulk Merge Yes
Bulk SaveChanges Yes
Bulk Synchornize Yes
DeleteFromQuery Yes
UpdateFromQuery Yes
Commercial License Yes
Royalty-Free Yes
Support & Upgrades (1 year) Yes

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Contact our outstanding customer support for any request. We usually answer within the next business day, hour, or minutes!