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Project Description

An open source tool to find and replace text in multiple files.


  • Single file download - fnr.exe (181kb)
  • Replace text in multiple files using windows application or through command line
  • Find Only to see where matches are found
  • Case-sensitive searching
  • Searching for files in one directory or recursing sub-directories
  • Regular expressions
  • Find and replace multi-line text
  • Generate command line button to create command line text to put in batch file
  • Command line help
  • Unit tests of Find/Replace engine



For screenshots I used a common scenario of replacing a ConnectionString in all ConnectionStrings.config in the solution when rolling from staging to production.

Screenshot 1: Finding all occurrences of connection string.


Screenshot 2: Replacing all occurrences of connection string.


Screenshot 3: Generating command line text to run "Replace" using batch file


Screenshot 4: Viewing command line options


Screenshot 5: Finding occurrences using command line.


Screenshot 6: Replacing occurrences using command line.



A couple of months ago I set out to find a simple find and replace tool that I could use when rolling out my projects. For ex. to change various settings in config files to support dev/qa/prod environment.

I was looking for something that would have the following features:

  1. Simple UI to make sure that find/replace does what I need it to
  2. Command line to run find/replace using batch file.

There are many tools available, but they all have the following major issues:

  • Out of date, no updates support for at least a year

for ex. http://www.divlocsoft.com/

  • Bad documentation if any. Many apps mentions that they have command line support, but to find out how it works takes too much effort.
  • Too many features. I just need to type in a couple of fields and click on Run, not to learn a new language.

for ex.
grep/sed variants in windows

  • No access to code. Many tools have 90% of what I need, but if I need just a bit more (support for multi-line) - there is not much I can do.

So I wrote a simple tool to use in my own projects and wanted to share it with others.

Shameless plug for my company: http://www.entechsolutions.com