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Manager for remote ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

Usage: ssh-authorizer {help,get,add,del,test} [--raw] ssh_string ...

        help:       Print this help.

        get:        Display remote authorized_keys.
        get --raw:  Display without formating.

        add:        Add keys to remote authorized_keys.
        del:        Delete keys from remote authorized_keys.
        test:       Test keys exist in remote authorized_keys.

ssh_string:     String with connect info: [user@]host[:port].
                By default user is current system user, port=22.

keys:           For commands "add" and "test" this is list of files with keys.
                If empty -- "~/ssh/" used.

keys:           For commad "del" this is key indeces for delete.
                See "get" without "--raw".


ssh-authorizer get username@hostname
    Get authorized_keys in host hostname for user username.

ssh-authorizer add user@host
    Add your local "~/ssh/" to remote "~/ssh/authorized_keys".

ssh-authorizer add user@host
    Add "" "" to remote "~/ssh/authorized_keys".

ssh-authorizer del user@host 1 3
    Delete fist and third keys from remote "~/ssh/authorized_keys".

ssh-authorizer test user@host
    "" "" already in remote "~/ssh/authorized_keys"? Check it.


ssh-authorizer del user@host
    Delete your "~/ssh/" from remote "~/ssh/authorized_keys".

ssh-authorizer del user@host zzz@macbook
    Delete key "zzz@macbook" from remote "~/ssh/authorized_keys".

get --short:  Like "get", but without key hashes.

Human readable errors.