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Weakpass tools

Here you can find the list of tools from for password and hash cracking in one place.


Hash cracking immediately and only with your browser.

Ever imagine cracking passwords in your browser? We're All Mad Here...

This tool lets you quickly identify weak passwords just in seconds before launching your favourite tool. All data is processed on the client with JavaScript.

With a build-in password generator, you can generate wordlists based on specific input data and use them immidiatly along with the rules. If you want to know more, take a look at Password Generator

There are several modes how you can use this tool:

  • Magic crack - try to crack all your hashes at once with preset templates.
  • Custom - you can specify own settings, wordlist and rules.

Supported hash types: md5, sha1, sha256, sha512, JWT, ntlm, md5crypt, sha256crypt, sha512crypt, etc. and TBA



Passwords generator

The tool generates a wordlist based on a set of words entered by the user. For example, during penetration testing, you need to gain access to some service, device, account, or Wi-Fi network that is password protected. For example, let it be the Wi-Fi network of EvilCorp. Sometimes, a password is a combination of device/network/organization name with some date, special character, etc. Therefore, it is simpler and easier to test some combinations before launching more complex and time-consuming checks. For example, cracking a Wi-Fi password with a wordlist can take several hours and can fail, even if you choose a great wordlist because there was no such password in it like Evilcorp2019.

Therefore, using the generated wordlist, it is possible to organize a targeted and effective online password check.


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