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Simple JSHint Mojo Maven Central

It's real simple and it runs JSHint on your *.js files.


  • jshint:lint: runs jshint on your files (per your configuration settings)

Configuration Options

Option Default Value Explanation
version 2.5.6 Selects which embedded version of JSHint will be used
options List of comma-separated JSHint options
globals List of comma-separated JSHint globals
configFile Path to a JSHint JSON config file. Its contents will override values set in options and globals, if present. Please note that block and line comments will be stripped prior to processing so it's OK to include them.
directories <directory>src</directory> Locations in which the plugin will search for *.js files
excludes Excludes are resolved relative to the basedir of the module
reporter If present, JSHint will generate a reporting file which can be used for some CI tools. Currently, jslint, html, and checkstyle formats are supported.
reportFile target/jshint.xml Path to an output reporting file
failOnError true Controls whether the plugin fails the build when JSHint is unhappy. Setting this to false is discouraged, as it removes most of the benefit of using this plugin. Instead, if you have problem files that you can't fix disable/override JSHint on a per-file basis, or tell the plugin to specifically exclude them in the excludes section

Example Configurations


Example of configFile contents, equivalent to the XML configuration above:

  // Options
  "maxparams": 3,
  "indent": true,
  "camelcase": true,
  "eqeqeq": true,
  "forin": true,
  "immed": true,
  "latedef": true,
  "noarg": true,
  "noempty": true,
  "nonew": true,
   * Globals
  "globals": { 
     "require": false,
     "$": false,
     "yourFunkyJavascriptModule": false


A simple, speedy maven plugin for running javascript code through jshint







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