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GPU Mining Software for 0xBTC and EIP918 Tokens

  • SoliditySHA3Miner (Windows/Linux)(nVidia OR AMD):

  • COSMIC Miner (Windows)(nVidia/CUDA):

  • Mining-Visualizer (MVis)' TokenMiner (Windows)(AMD/OpenCL):


Be sure to read the README documents

That either comes with the miners or any instructions on the page where you download it! This will answer many beginner questions. For quickest answers to any problems you may encounter:

Links To/Descriptions Of The Newest Miners:

Now listed together in this continually-updated thread.

Historical Links: these miners are out-of-date.

  • 0xBitcoin ERC20 Token Miner Solves proof of work to mine supported ERC20 tokens.

  • & Azlehria CUDA NVIDIA Miner (Open Source) Download the CUDA GPU Miner

  • MVI OpenGL AMD Miner (Open Source) Download the OpenCL AMD Miner

  • Update 1.5.23 - Legacy CPU Miner This new build uses the C++ addon to accelerate the CPU mining one-thousand fold. Pool mine with the command 'pool mine'. Select a different pool with 'pool select http://...'. Keep in mind that this update will migrate all vault data to a new and improved version so be sure to back up your private keys. 1.5.20 fixes bugs with solo mining and adds 'test mine' command.

  • Windows Miner 1.5.23

  • Linux Miner 1.5.23

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