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  1. thejameskyle / itsy-bitsy-data-structures

    🏰 All the things you didn't know you wanted to know about data structures

    JavaScript • 913 stars today • Built by @FvGorkum @dawsonbotsford @benjaminkitt @brianfryer @camwiegert

  2. dschep / ntfy

    A utility for sending notifications, on demand and when commands finish.

    Python • 801 stars today • Built by @dschep @oz123 @schwert @rahiel @tjbenator

  3. camwiegert / in-view

    Get notified when a DOM element enters or exits the viewport. 👀

    JavaScript • 438 stars today • Built by @camwiegert

  4. paarthneekhara / text-to-image

    Tensorflow implementation of text to image synthesis using thought vectors

    Python • 274 stars today • Built by @paarthneekhara @gitter-badger

  5. facebookresearch / deepmask

    Torch implementation of DeepMask and SharpMask

    Lua • 214 stars today • Built by @poliveirap @pdollar @soumith

  6. babel / babili

    ✂️ An ES6+ aware minifier based on the Babel toolchain (beta)

    JavaScript • 220 stars today • Built by @amasad @hzoo @boopathi @kangax @thejameskyle

  7. leancloud / ChatKit-OC

    An IM App UI Framework, support sending text, pictures, audio, video, location messaging, managing address book, more interesting features.

    Objective-C • 195 stars today • Built by @ChenYilong @jwfing

  8. variadico / noti

    Trigger notifications when a process completes.

    Go • 190 stars today • Built by @variadico @cryptix

  9. mzlogin / awesome-adb

    ADB Usage Complete / ADB 用法大全

    170 stars today • Built by @mzlogin

  10. nasa / openmct

    A web based mission control framework.

    JavaScript • 175 stars today • Built by @VWoeltjen @charlesh88 @akhenry @slhale @larkin

  11. google / tiger

    Java • 156 stars today • Built by @freetigerliu @c-tash @gk5885 @johnjohndoe

  12. facebookresearch / multipathnet

    A Torch implementation of the object detection network from "A MultiPath Network for Object Detection" (

    Lua • 118 stars today • Built by @szagoruyko

  13. mmstick / parallel

    Inspired by GNU Parallel, a command-line CPU load balancer written in Rust.

    Rust • 96 stars today • Built by @mmstick @lnicola @ajyoon

  14. reactotron / reactotron

    A CLI and OS X app for inspecting your React JS and React Native apps.

    JavaScript • 95 stars today • Built by @skellock @GantMan @andrewvy @kevinvangelder @fantasywind

  15. tonsky / FiraCode

    Monospaced font with programming ligatures

    Clojure • 96 stars today • Built by @tonsky @Dominionized @attaboy @KindDragon @hastebrot

  16. airbnb / epoxy

    Epoxy is an Android library for building complex screens in a RecyclerView

    Java • 88 stars today • Built by @elihart @felipecsl

  17. MaiaVictor / WebMonkeys

    Massively parallel GPU programming on JavaScript made simple and clean.

    JavaScript • 87 stars today • Built by @MaiaVictor @thysultan

  18. vhf / free-programming-books

    📚 Freely available programming books

    74 stars today • Built by @vhf @MHM5000 @alexanderfefelov @esparta @ericguirbal

  19. nicklockwood / SwiftFormat

    A command-line tool for formatting Swift code

    Swift • 85 stars today • Built by @nicklockwood

  20. Kickball / awesome-selfhosted

    This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers.

    Makefile • 82 stars today • Built by @nodiscc @Kickball @AndyR207 @Kovah @jungle-boogie

  21. mattermost / platform

    Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React - Mattermost

    JavaScript • 79 stars today • Built by @coreyhulen @jwilander @crspeller @hmhealey @it33

  22. FormidableLabs / react-music

    Make beats with React!

    JavaScript • 78 stars today • Built by @kenwheeler @chentsulin @ultimapanzer @gaearon @Haroenv

  23. stagadish / NNplusplus

    A small and easy to use neural net implementation for C++. Just download and #include!

    C++ • 73 stars today • Built by @stagadish

  24. benhowdle89 / grade

    This JavaScript library produces complementary gradients generated from the top 2 dominant colours in supplied images.

    JavaScript • 73 stars today • Built by @benhowdle89 @henriquea @conghai @amilajack @lgraubner

  25. jaywcjlove / awesome-mac

     This repo is a collection of awesome Mac applications and tools for developers and designers.

    JavaScript • 69 stars today • Built by @jaywcjlove @xcv58 @yPangXie @iawia002 @shelltea

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