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  1. Mark24Code / 15minGit


    HTML • 233 stars today • Built by @Mark24Code

  2. FreeCodeCamp / freecodecamp

    The open-source codebase and curriculum. Practice coding by helping nonprofits.

    HTML • 228 stars today • Built by @QuincyLarson @sahat @terakilobyte @BerkeleyTrue @ahstro

  3. dthree / vantage

    A new take on interactive CLI for Node

    JavaScript • 220 stars today • Built by @dthree @emgee3 @thaumant @eiriksm @bradenoguinn

  4. phoboslab / jsmpeg-vnc

    A low latency, high framerate screen sharing server for Windows and client for browsers

    C • 179 stars today • Built by @phoboslab

  5. code-mc / material-icon-lib

    Library containing over 1000 material vector icons that can be easily used as Drawable or as a standalone View.

    Java • 170 stars today • Built by @code-mc

  6. Kickball / awesome-selfhosted

    Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers. This is list of software which can be hosted locally.

    166 stars today • Built by @nodiscc @Kickball @jungle-boogie @Kovah @TwizzyDizzy

  7. larsenwork / monoid

    Monospaced coding font with alternates, ligatures and contextual positioning. Crazy crisp at 12px/9pt. Customisable at

    Python • 170 stars today • Built by @larsenwork @chase @plgruener @ajpaulson @bronzehedwick

  8. CezaryKopacz / CKWaveCollectionViewTransition

    Cool wave like transition between two or more UICollectionView

    Swift • 151 stars today • Built by @CezaryKopacz

  9. allmobilize / amazeui

    Amaze UI, a mobile-first and modular front-end framework.

    JavaScript • 141 stars today • Built by @minwe @huangzhipeng @geminiwen @HuangShaoyan @hongdp

  10. toddway / MaterialTransitions

    Sample material transition animations for Android

    Java • 125 stars today • Built by @toddway

  11. keen / explorer

    Open source Data Explorer by Keen IO

    JavaScript • 128 stars today • Built by @aroc @josephwegner @lexicography @joannecheng @dustinlarimer

  12. spotify / docker-gc

    Docker garbage collection of containers and images

    Shell • 119 stars today • Built by @danielnorberg @mbruggmann @rohansingh @rculbertson @drewcsillag

  13. veryEvilMan / fl-ru-damp

    PHP • 80 stars today • Built by @veryEvilMan @SakuradaJun @agent-0007

  14. google / material-design-lite

    Material Design Lite Components in HTML/CSS/JS

    CSS • 104 stars today • Built by @addyosmani @surma @sgomes @sindresorhus @Garbee

  15. danielgindi / ios-charts

    An iOS port of the beautiful MPAndroidChart. - Beautiful charts for iOS apps!

    Swift • 96 stars today • Built by @danielgindi @liuxuan30 @PhilJay @petester42 @mkubenka

  16. scouter-project / scouter

    Open Source S/W Performance Monitoring

    Java • 91 stars today • Built by @scouter-project @skyworker @bill23-kim @pocorall

  17. donnemartin / dev-setup

    Easy-to-understand instructions with automated setup scripts to install and configure developer apps and tools, Python data analysis, Spark and Hadoop MapReduce, AWS and Heroku, JavaScript web development, Android development, common data stores, and dev-based defaults for Mac OSX.

    Python • 92 stars today • Built by @donnemartin

  18. ninjaprox / NVActivityIndicatorView

    Collection of nice loading animations

    Swift • 91 stars today • Built by @ninjaprox

  19. MozillaSecurity / funfuzz

    JavaScript engine & DOM fuzzers

    JavaScript • 82 stars today • Built by @jruderman @nth10sd @choller @pvnick @catlee

  20. jonfinerty / Once

    A small Android library to manage one-off operations.

    Java • 83 stars today • Built by @jonfinerty

  21. LeaVerou / stretchy

    Form element autosizing, the way it should be.

    CSS • 80 stars today • Built by @LeaVerou @Nantonos @mthjn @hawkrives @mathiasbynens

  22. overboming / ZCAnimatedLabel

    UILabel replacement with fine-grain appear/disappear animation

    Objective-C • 80 stars today • Built by @overboming

  23. rackt / history

    A small, powerful history implementation for JavaScript

    JavaScript • 79 stars today • Built by @mjackson @michalkvasnicak

  24. stevenmiller888 / mind

    A flexible neural network library

    JavaScript • 76 stars today • Built by @stevenmiller888 @f2prateek

  25. klauspost / compress

    Optimized compression packages

    Go • 75 stars today • Built by @klauspost


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