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  1. fouber / blog


    476 stars today • Built by @fouber

  2. flarum / flarum

    Delightfully simple forum software.

    PHP • 439 stars today • Built by @tobscure @franzliedke @gitter-badger

  3. michaeldfallen / git-radar

    A heads up display for git

    Shell • 369 stars today • Built by @michaeldfallen @eyeofhell @btabibian @justinas @bogem

  4. getlantern / lantern

    Open Internet for everyone. Lantern is a free desktop application that delivers fast, reliable and secure access to the open Internet for users in censored regions. It uses a variety of techniques to stay unblocked, including P2P and domain fronting. Lantern relies on users in uncensored regions acting as access points to the open Internet.

    Go • 349 stars today • Built by @oxtoacart @atavism @robertkrimen @myleshorton @skivvies

  5. h2non / toxy

    Hackable HTTP proxy to simulate server failure scenarios and unexpected network conditions

    JavaScript • 363 stars today • Built by @h2non @jesstelford @greuze @nwwells

  6. mit-nlp / MITIE

    MITIE: library and tools for information extraction

    C++ • 202 stars today • Built by @davisking @arjunmajum @swadey @steve98654 @scotthaleen

  7. bradfitz / talk-yapc-asia-2015


    Go • 176 stars today • Built by @bradfitz @brunoqc

  8. FreeCodeCamp / FreeCodeCamp

    The open-source codebase and curriculum. Learn to code and help nonprofits.

    HTML • 171 stars today • Built by @QuincyLarson @sahat @terakilobyte @BerkeleyTrue @benmcmahon100

  9. chneukirchen / nq

    Unix command line queue utility

    C • 156 stars today • Built by @chneukirchen @lv-zheng

  10. klinker41 / android-slidingactivity

    Android library which allows you to swipe down from an activity to close it.

    Java • 148 stars today • Built by @klinker41 @klinker24

  11. rhiever / Data-Analysis-and-Machine-Learning-Projects

    Repository of teaching materials, code, and data for my data analysis and machine learning projects.

    Python • 132 stars today • Built by @rhiever @AndrewLiesinger @mgschwan

  12. twbs / bootstrap

    The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

    CSS • 99 stars today • Built by @mdo @cvrebert @fat @XhmikosR @hnrch02

  13. entotsu / TKSubmitTransition

    Animated UIButton of Loading Animation and Transition Animation. Inspired by

    Swift • 128 stars today • Built by @entotsu @stepan

  14. wedcel / DragExpandGrid


    Java • 116 stars today • Built by @wedcel

  15. git-up / GitUp

    The Git interface you've been missing all your life has finally arrived.

    Objective-C • 116 stars today • Built by @swisspol @rodovich @charlietran @pmg103 @JrGoodle

  16. gajus / react-css-modules

    Seamless mapping of class names to CSS modules inside of React components.

    JavaScript • 112 stars today • Built by @gajus @KuraFire @erikras @geelen

  17. girliemac / RPi-KittyCam

    Raspberry Pi app using a camera and PIR motion sensor, written in Node.js with Johnny-Five and Kittydar for cat facial detection

    JavaScript • 111 stars today • Built by @girliemac @thomaso-mirodin

  18. peduarte / wallop

    Much more than just a slider

    CSS • 99 stars today • Built by @peduarte @EastendLab @pburtchaell @sprankhub @fgrehm

  19. sindresorhus / awesome

    A curated list of awesome lists

    91 stars today • Built by @sindresorhus @aleksandar-todorovic @RichardLitt @arthurvr @leoruhland

  20. kerkomen / rei

    Process lists easily

    Haskell • 93 stars today • Built by @kerkomen

  21. florent37 / HollyViewPager

    A different beautiful ViewPager, with quick swipe controls

    Java • 87 stars today • Built by @florent37

  22. sachinchoolur / lightGallery

    A lightweight, customizable, modular, responsive, lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery. :+1:

    JavaScript • 83 stars today • Built by @sachinchoolur @dsrec77 @tammo0 @dchekanov @jochienabuurs

  23. hackwaly / jswqx


    JavaScript • 72 stars today • Built by @hackwaly

  24. minimaxir / big-list-of-naughty-strings

    The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.

    Python • 75 stars today • Built by @minimaxir @jlennox @06b @DripDrop14 @dushmis

  25. flyfei / CustomMenu

    CustomMenu quickly realize about the menu

    Java • 74 stars today • Built by @flyfei


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