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  1. Selz / plyr

    A simple HTML5 media player

    JavaScript • 769 stars today • Built by Sam Potts Pascal Borreli

  2. moklick / frontend-stuff

    A continuously expanded list of framework/libraries and tools I used/want to use when building things on the web. Mostly Javascript stuff.

    656 stars today • Built by moklick Alladin El Akhrass Alexander Pyatkin Theodor Lindekaer David Leuliette

  3. bendc / frontend-guidelines

    Some HTML, CSS and JS best practices.

    595 stars today • Built by Benjamin De Cock

  4. haifengl / smile

    Statistical Machine Intelligence & Learning Engine

    Java • 435 stars today • Built by Haifeng Li Xyclade Bruno P. Kinoshita

  5. sbstjn / timesheet.js

    JavaScript library for HTML5 & CSS3 time sheets

    JavaScript • 373 stars today • Built by Sebastian Müller olivier Brandon Dail Christophe Coevoet Willson Mock

  6. matteocrippa / awesome-swift

    A collaborative list of awesome swift resources. Feel free to contribute!

    282 stars today • Built by Matteo Crippa dkhamsing Dominik Hauser beltex Simon Strandgaard

  7. nolimits4web / Swiper

    Most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions

    JavaScript • 249 stars today • Built by Vladimir Kharlampidi Stéphane Bachelier Dmitry Andy Burke Stefano Balzarotti

  8. WhisperSystems / Signal-iOS

    Free, world-wide, private messaging and phone calls for iPhone.

    C • 193 stars today • Built by Frederic Jacobs Christine Corbett Moran Dylan Bourgeois Craig Gidney mjewkes

  9. seppo0010 / rlite

    self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional redis-compatible database engine. rlite is to Redis what SQLite is to SQL.

    C • 201 stars today • Built by Sebastian Waisbrot Damian Janowski Sonny Piers

  10. phptodayorg / php-must-watch

    list of interesting conference talks and videos on PHP

    PHP • 171 stars today • Built by Shameer C Jon LeMaitre

  11. singro / v2ex

    An iOS client for

    Objective-C • 159 stars today • Built by singro tigerZhang86

  12. dockercn / wharf

    ContainerOps Open Source Platform

    Go • 154 stars today • Built by Meaglith Ma 陈亮 MonkeyRobot 五星六日 无闻

  13. maxwellito / vivus

    JavaScript library to make drawing animation on SVG

    JavaScript • 143 stars today • Built by maxwellito Ben McGeachy Russell Pascal Borreli Sardor Muminov

  14. grpc / grpc

    The C based gRPC (C++, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C#)

    C • 115 stars today • Built by Craig Tiller Michael Lumish Nicolas Noble Tim Emiola Yang Gao

  15. rui314 / 8cc

    A Small C Compiler

    C • 122 stars today • Built by Rui Ueyama andrewchambers Dave Cheney Tyler Stachecki Shinichiro Hamaji

  16. amorey / mui

    MUI is a lightweight HTML, CSS and JS framework for sites that follow Google's Material Design guidelines

    JavaScript • 123 stars today • Built by Andres Morey

  17. lightningtgc / material-refresh

    Material Design swipe(pull) to refresh by using JavaScript and CSS3.

    JavaScript • 113 stars today • Built by gctang

  18. LeaVerou / awesomplete

    Ultra lightweight, usable, beautiful autocomplete with zero dependencies.

    HTML • 111 stars today • Built by Lea Verou Vladislav Zarakovsky Alex DiLiberto Mauricio Soares Antti Sykäri

  19. radiosilence / xr

    Ultra-simple wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.

    JavaScript • 101 stars today • Built by James Cleveland Matt Bilbow

  20. jackschaedler / circles-sines-signals

    A Compact Primer on Digital Signal Processing

    JavaScript • 95 stars today • Built by Jack Schaedler Tobias Aigner Ian Hobson

  21. layerhq / Atlas-iOS

    Atlas is a library of native iOS communications user interface components for Layer.

    Objective-C • 91 stars today • Built by Kevin Coleman Ben Blakley Klemen Verdnik Blake Watters kmahal

  22. wikimedia / apps-ios-wikipedia

    Github mirror of "apps/ios/wikipedia" - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing

    Objective-C • 89 stars today • Built by montehurd Brion Vibber Adam Baso Bernd Sitzmann Brian Gerstle

  23. Irrelon / ForerunnerDB

    A JavaScript database with mongo-like query language, data-binding support, runs in the browser as a client-side DB or on the server via Node.js!

    JavaScript • 86 stars today • Built by Rob Evans Rob Evans Naman Goel Drew Cuthbertson Marcus Bernales

  24. michael-lazar / rtv

    Reddit Terminal Viewer

    Python • 83 stars today • Built by michael-lazar Toby Hughes mekhami Hans Roman

  25. Sonerezh / sonerezh

    A self-hosted, web-based application for stream your music, everywhere.

    PHP • 80 stars today • Built by atomiix


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