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  1. krasimir / react-in-patterns

    📚 List of design patterns/techniques used while developing with React

    JavaScript • 1,179 stars today • Built by @krasimir @hprobotic

  2. hemanth / functional-programming-jargon

    Jargon from the functional programming world in simple terms!

    880 stars today • Built by @hemanth @jethrolarson @ethagnawl @marcusnielsen @therealklanni

  3. FallibleInc / security-guide-for-developers

    Security Guide for Developers

    783 stars today • Built by @abhishek-anand @mkagenius @eryno @Omeryl @radarhere

  4. facebookincubator / create-react-app

    Create React apps with no build configuration.

    JavaScript • 536 stars today • Built by @gaearon @vjeux @mxstbr @lacker @keyanzhang

  5. AHAAAAAAA / PokemonGo-Map

    🌏 Live visualization of all the pokemon in your area... and more!

    Python • 416 stars today • Built by @AHAAAAAAA @JZ6 @sykhro @foodforarabbit @DerScreever

  6. team-gryff / react-monocle

    A developer tool to visualize a React application's component hierarchy.

    JavaScript • 479 stars today • Built by @mbchoa @jerrymao15 @jdavis218

  7. facebook / Surround360

    Surround360 is Facebook's open source hardware and software for capturing stereoscopic 3D 360 video for VR. The repo contains hardware designs, as well as software for camera control and rendering.

    C++ • 377 stars today • Built by @fbriggs

  8. jgthms / web-design-in-4-minutes

    Learn basics of web design in 4 minutes

    HTML • 380 stars today • Built by @jgthms @jonbri @AdenFlorian @vincentbernat @queuebit

  9. Droogans / unmaintainable-code

    An easier to share version of the infamous

    279 stars today • Built by @Droogans @GLMeece @visheshell @linuxitux

  10. PokemonGoF / PokemonGo-Bot

    The Pokemon Go Bot, baking with community.

    Python • 229 stars today • Built by @solderzzc @Reaver01 @douglascamata @tejado @eggins

  11. jaywcjlove / awesome-mac

     This repo is a collection of awesome Mac applications and tools for developers and designers.

    224 stars today • Built by @jaywcjlove @xcv58 @yPangXie @shelltea @iawia002

  12. NecronomiconCoding / NecroBot

    a Pokemon Go Bot based on Rocket API

    C# • 164 stars today • Built by @NecronomiconCoding @yamashi @PocketMobsters @ReddoKiddo @Daylend

  13. surbhioberoi / github-widget

    A widget showing your github details that you can easily embed in your portfolio website.

    JavaScript • 217 stars today • Built by @surbhioberoi

  14. robinhood / ticker

    An Android text view with scrolling text change animation

    Java • 210 stars today • Built by @jinatonic @Jawnnypoo @mandrizzle

  15. HewlettPackard / gas

    Go AST Scanner

    Go • 202 stars today • Built by @gcmurphy @callidus @csstaub

  16. eventql / eventql

    The EventQL Database

    C++ • 200 stars today • Built by @paulasmuth @lauraschlimmer @christianparpart @Asraelite @andoriyu

  17. getify / You-Dont-Know-JS

    A book series on JavaScript. @YDKJS on twitter.

    JavaScript • 164 stars today • Built by @getify @brassington @pdawyndt @4thana @zackgao

  18. JackyAndroid / AndroidInterview-Q-A

    The top Internet companies android interview questions and answers

    Java • 149 stars today • Built by @JackyAndroid @xxmbaobao

  19. goldfire / howler.js

    Javascript audio library for the modern web.

    JavaScript • 162 stars today • Built by @goldfire @fabienbrooke @mostlygeek @bfred-it @obiot

  20. birl-language /

    Projeto B.I.R.L. (Bambam's "It's show time" Recursive Language), linguagem de programação mutante, baseado nas frases do nosso querido mutante tupiniquim Bambam!

    JavaScript • 146 stars today • Built by @akaFTS @lcfpadilha

  21. jisaacso / DeepHeart

    Neural networks for monitoring cardiac data

    Python • 144 stars today • Built by @jisaacso

  22. LittleFriendsGroup / AndroidSdkSourceAnalysis

    android sdk 源码解析——旨在帮助Android开发者更好的学习Android!我们只是一群普通的程序员,但是,我们热爱分享,想热热闹闹的玩点有意义的事!如果你也想陪我们一起愉快的玩耍,欢迎加入我们!Issues认领分析文章!

    133 stars today • Built by @android-cjj @nukc @CaMnter @WuXiaolong @JohnTsaiAndroid

  23. struct / mms

    Modern Memory Safety in C/C++

    139 stars today • Built by @struct @alexwlchan

  24. zeit / hyperterm

    HTML/JS/CSS Terminal

    JavaScript • 136 stars today • Built by @rauchg @freebroccolo @marcbachmann @c0b41 @mike-engel

  25. Microsoft / api-guidelines

    Microsoft REST API Guidelines

    138 stars today • Built by @RobDolinMS @cleemullins @olivierdagenais @darrelmiller @glennblock

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