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  1. ryanmjacobs / c

    Compile and execute C "scripts" in one go!

    C • 384 stars today • Built by Ryan Jacobs Joseph Werle Brett Nash Asger Hautop Drewsen Alistair King

  2. vektra / templar

    A HTTP proxy to improve usage of HTTP APIs

    Go • 279 stars today • Built by Evan Phoenix Jessica Suttles

  3. Selz / plyr

    A simple HTML5 media player

    JavaScript • 257 stars today • Built by Sam Potts Pascal Borreli

  4. bendc / frontend-guidelines

    Some HTML, CSS and JS best practices.

    229 stars today • Built by Benjamin De Cock

  5. moklick / frontend-stuff

    A continuously expanded list of framework/libraries and tools I used/want to use when building things on the web. Mostly Javascript stuff.

    188 stars today • Built by moklick David May Alladin El Akhrass Alexander Pyatkin Theodor Lindekaer

  6. Mango / slideout

    A touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile web apps.

    JavaScript • 184 stars today • Built by Guille Paz Cristian Douce Brandon Dail Dan Zajdband

  7. bevacqua / fuzzysearch

    Tiny and blazing-fast fuzzy search in JavaScript

    JavaScript • 165 stars today • Built by Nicolas Bevacqua

  8. RickWong / react-isomorphic-starterkit

    Isomorphic starterkit for React apps that just works.

    JavaScript • 156 stars today • Built by Rick

  9. chenupt / SpringIndicator

    A spring indicator like Morning Routine guide.

    Java • 146 stars today • Built by Chenupt

  10. guyonroche / exceljs

    Excel Workbook Manager

    JavaScript • 136 stars today • Built by guyonroche Adrian Lynch Timespace7

  11. sbstjn / timesheet.js

    JavaScript library for HTML5 & CSS3 time sheets

    JavaScript • 126 stars today • Built by Sebastian Müller olivier Brandon Dail Christophe Coevoet Willson Mock

  12. tonsky / AnyBar

    OS X menubar status indicator

    Objective-C • 130 stars today • Built by Nikita Prokopov Oleg Kertanov Paul Boschmann Killian STEFANINI Vlad Ki

  13. jaicab / localFont

    Implement localStorage web font caching in seconds

    CSS • 121 stars today • Built by Jaime Caballero Andy Hoffman

  14. NativeScript / NativeScript

    Open Source framework for building cross-platform truly native iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps using JavaScript.

    119 stars today • Built by Valentin Stoychev TJ VanToll

  15. sass-eyeglass / eyeglass

    NPM Modules for Sass

    JavaScript • 118 stars today • Built by Chris Eppstein Jakob Heuser Scott Kellum

  16. syncthing / syncthing

    Open Source Continuous File Synchronization

    Go • 105 stars today • Built by Jakob Borg Audrius Butkevicius Caleb Callaway Ryan Sullivan Philippe Schommers

  17. pgte / nock

    HTTP mocking and expectations library

    JavaScript • 106 stars today • Built by Pedro Teixeira Ivan Erceg Roly Fentanes Celestino Gomes Keith Laban

  18. phptodayorg / php-must-watch

    list of interesting conference talks and videos on PHP -

    PHP • 97 stars today • Built by Shameer C Jon LeMaitre

  19. kanaka / mal

    mal - Make a Lisp

    C# • 81 stars today • Built by Joel Martin Chris Houser Dennis Felsing Miki Tebeka Alan Dipert

  20. facebook / react

    A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

    JavaScript • 85 stars today • Built by Paul O’Shannessy Ben Alpert Pete Hunt Cheng Lou Sebastian Markbåge

  21. Shopify / go-lua

    A Lua VM in Go

    Go • 90 stars today • Built by Francis Bogsanyi Antoine Grondin Jacob Wirth

  22. angular / angular.js

    HTML enhanced for web apps

    JavaScript • 63 stars today • Built by Igor Minar Miško Hevery Pete Bacon Darwin Vojta Jina Matias Niemelä

  23. nolimits4web / Swiper

    Most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions

    JavaScript • 78 stars today • Built by Vladimir Kharlampidi Stéphane Bachelier Dmitry Andy Burke Stefano Balzarotti

  24. airbnb / airpal

    Web UI for PrestoDB.

    Java • 75 stars today • Built by Andy Kramolisch Spike Brehm Stefan Vermaas Josh Perez Harrison Shoff

  25. sdelements / lets-chat

    Self-hosted chat app for small teams

    JavaScript • 68 stars today • Built by Houssam Haidar Simon Bartlett Ramanan Sivaranjan notsrg Jeff Bain


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