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Plans and pricing

GitHub is free to use for public projects. Collaborate on private repositories with any of our paid plans.

Personal plans

For individuals looking to share their own projects and collaborate with others.

Organization plans

Organizations are best suited for businesses managing teams and varying permissions.


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  • 1 GB Storage
  • 1 GB/month Bandwidth
Data packs
  • 50 GB/pack Storage
  • 50 GB/month/pack Bandwidth

Run GitHub on your servers

GitHub Enterprise is the best way to build software, on your servers.

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Confused about which plan to choose?

Tell us how many projects you have and we’ll let you know which plan would best fit your needs.

How many private repositories do I need?

Generally, each repository corresponds to a project. Private repositories are needed for each project you don’t want to make open source and publicly available. Note that repositories can be changed from private to public (and vice versa), and that forks of private repositories don’t count against the number your plan allows.

What if I need a larger plan?

If you need a plan larger than Platinum, contact us for details. We also offer a platform that runs on your own servers called GitHub Enterprise.

Do you offer education discounts?

Yes, we offer free and discounted plans to students, teachers, and schools. You can find more information and apply on our education site.

What’s different about an organization account?

A GitHub organization is a profile on GitHub that is managed from your personal account. Organizations are best suited for businesses who need to manage permissions for many employees. For more information, please read our Help article.

Why don’t I see any disk space limits?

See our Help article.

What’s a collaborator?

Collaborators are other GitHub users that you’ve given write access to one or more of your repositories.

Collaborators may fork any private repository you’ve added them to without their own paid plan. Their forks do not count against your private repository quota.

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