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web rhythm game
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osu! web

A browser rhythm game where players click circles following rhythm of the music.

Powered by PixiJS. Beatmap source: Sayobot.

Note: This is an unofficial implementation of osu!. Scoring and judgement rules differ from official versions. Some music might not be perfectly syncing. Modes other than osu! (std) are unsupported.


web page:


game in action:



Set up a web server with root directory located where index.html is in.

To host a separate live score, redirect send/fetch api requests to localhost:3000/3001 respectively, and change the api url in index.html and scripts/overlay/score.js accordingly. Then run:

nohup node api.js &

Todos (probably)

  • beatmap hitsounds
  • pp & user system

License Notes

Some media files are copyrighted by ppy and other people. Check their respective license before you use them.

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