This application is used to launch build tasks for Federalist in an AWS ECS Docker container based on messages from an AWS SQS queue
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This application is used to launch build tasks for Federalist in containers on based on messages from an AWS SQS queue.

The Build Scheduler

The Build Scheduler is the component of this app that recursively monitors SQS for new messages. When a new messages is received, it checks the cluster to see if a container is available on which to run a build in response to the message. If a container is available, it tells the cluster to start the build.

The Cluster

The Cluster is responsible for being aware of what is going on in It does the following:

  • Maintains a list of what build containers are running in, and which ones are running builds
  • Starts new builds on an available container
  • Marks containers as available when a build is complete
  • Stops builds if they run for more than 5 minutes without calling back

The Cluster regularly queries's API for apps running a federalist-garden-build container and keeps a list of them.

When a build is started, it finds an available container and associates the build with the container. Then it uses the Cloud Foundry API to update the container's environment to match the environment specified by the build and restages the container's app.

When a build is complete, the container will callback to an HTTP hook on this app with its buildID. When this happens, the cluster looks up the container running the build and dissociates the build from the container.

If a build runs on a container for more than 5 minutes, the cluster will consider the build a failure, and dissociate the build from the container without a callback.

Installation and configuration

This application uses yarn to manage node dependencies.

Run this with yarn and yarn start.

The AWS SDK credentials should be in place, or if running on CloudFoundry, a federalist-aws-creds service available.

The SQS message body should be JSON that takes the form of an ECS task override object:

  "command": [
    /* more items */
  "environment": [
      "name": "STRING_VALUE",
      "value": "STRING_VALUE"
    /* more items */
  "name": "STRING_VALUE"

Private configuration values should be in a user-provided service named federalist-builder-env:

  • NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY the private New Relic license key

Additional configuration is set up through environment variables:

  • BUILD_TIMEOUT_SECONDS: (required) number of seconds to let a build run before timing out
  • BUILD_COMPLETE_CALLBACK_HOST (required) the host that a build container should callback to when finished, e.g.
  • BUILD_CONTAINER_DOCKER_IMAGE_NAME (required) the name of the docker image that is used to run builds
  • BUILD_SPACE_GUID (required) the guid for the space where the build containers are located
  • CLOUD_FOUNDRY_API_HOST (required) the host for the Cloud Foundry API endpoint, e.g.
  • CLOUD_FOUNDRY_OAUTH_TOKEN_URL (required) the OAuth2 token URL for Cloud Foundry, e.g.
  • DEPLOY_USER_USERNAME (required) the username for the deploy user that starts builds in
  • DEPLOY_USER_PASSWORD (required) the password for the deploy user that starts builds in
  • LOG_LEVEL the log level for winston. Defaults to "info".
  • NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME the name of the app in New Relic
  • PORT the port for the server that handles healthcheck pings and build callbacks
  • SQS_URL (required) the URL of the SQS queue to poll
  • EXPECTED_NUM_BUILD_CONTAINERS (required) the expected number of build containers to be running

Running locally

federalist-builder is not currently designed to be run locally. Due to its tight coupling with the build process and its dependence on the Cloud Foundry environment, running it locally has the potential to create a race condition between builds running in Cloud Foundry and builds that were scheduled locally.

To locally test federalist-builder, you can run:

yarn test

Public domain

This project is in the worldwide public domain. As stated in CONTRIBUTING:

This project is in the public domain within the United States, and copyright and related rights in the work worldwide are waived through the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication.

All contributions to this project will be released under the CC0 dedication. By submitting a pull request, you are agreeing to comply with this waiver of copyright interest.