Auth System MySQL and LDAP and permissions Library for CodeIgniter 2.x and 3.x
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###GesAuth is a User Authorization Library for CodeIgniter 2.x and 3.x, which aims to make easy some essential jobs such as login, permissions and access operations for web application. by Gaëtan Cottrez


GesAuth is a fork to Aauth ( Thank a lot to the author =). I created this library about an example that serves as starter kit for a web application. It contains a CRUD for managing users and roles with permissions generated with Grocery CRUD ( It also contains a web application design generated via a custom bookstore (template.php) created by me. The folder package contains all files to library GesAuth

##Latest release

GesAuth 2.0 (16/08/2015)

##What is new in version 2.0

  • Upgrade the library for a comptability with CodeIgniter 2.x and 3.x
  • Add new field in table user : login. login is the copy of field id. the field id becomes a real PRIMARY KEY
  • Add a new config : authentification with the email (just for the mode MySQL)
  • fix bug with the method login LDAP

##If you migrate Gesauth 1.X to 2.x

  • In your application, replace the file Gesauth.php in the folder libraries, gesauth_model.php in the folder models and gesauth_lang in your different folder languages.
  • Apply the file gesauth-migrate-version-1-to-2.sql in your database. My database have a prefix (gesauth_). Adapt the content in sql table names to be defined this works on your database.
  • The file sql add the field login and the field id PRIMARY KEY. It updates the table user_to_role with new id
  • If you use the field id of the table users with others table in your database, you must create your upgrade request on your tables yourself

##My philosophy

An example is better than a long documentation


  • This library use session in database, active this option in file config.php in the folder config
$config['sess_use_database'] = TRUE;
  • If you use the LDAP connection, you need to enable the PHP extension on your LDAP server
  • Create all tables gesauth in your application, execute gesauth.sql in the folder package

##Learning opportunities GesAuth an example

  • Just copy the folder GesAuth in your localhost.
  • Create a new database gesauth and import file gesauth.sql
  • (Optionnal) Change parameter gesauth.application\config\database.php by your parameters
  • (Optionnal) Change parameter $config['language'] by french or english in gesauth.application\config\config.php by your parameters
  • Consult GesAuth library and config file to learn more

##Load GesAuth Library to system


##Accounts user

 - username / password / role / language : gaetan.cottrez / admin / Admin / french
 - username / password / role / language : john.doe / admin / default / english


##Most important method

 - login user : $this->gesauth->login($login,$password, $remember, $gesauth_mode) => see controller login.php
 - error login : $this->gesauth->get_errors()  => see controller login.php
 - check user is login : $this->gesauth->is_loggedin()  => see library Template.php
 - update activity user login : $this->gesauth->update_activity()  => see library Template.php
 - control perms user : $this->gesauth->control()  => see library Template.php
 - check status server LDAP : $this->gesauth->get_status_server() => see controller login.php

##History version

##What is new in version 1.1

  • Add logs authentification and perms in database
  • Check disabled user to
  • Deleting some unnecessary methods
  • Deleting users sessions where the browser was closed
  • Closing all sessions connected to the same users
  • Disconnect the user if the IP address has changed
  • Login form multi-language based on the browser language
  • Adding LDAP connection mode
  • Check status server LDAP
  • Adding the choice of connection type (MySQL and/or LDAP)
  • Improved dos protection
  • Adding logic error messages to the user

Dont forget to watch GesAuth. You can also contribute and help me :