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AlchemicalArrows Wiki

If you have made your way to this page, it's likely you either want to use AlchemicalArrows 3 on your server or learn how to create custom arrows using the API. This wiki serves to inform you on as much as AlchemicalArrows 3 has to offer. If you have any further questions that were not addressed by any of the topics on this wiki, please do not hesitate to join my Discord support server and request that a page is added. Alternatively, contribute a page for yourself!

Using AlchemicalArrows

  • Commands
  • Permission Nodes
  • Configuring AlchemicalArrows
  • Default Arrows (15):
    • Air
    • Confusion
    • Darkness
    • Death
    • Earth
    • Ender
    • Fire
    • Frost
    • Grapple
    • Life
    • Light
    • Magic
    • Magnetic
    • Necrotic
    • Water
  • Cauldron Crafting

Developing for AlchemicalArrows

Please be aware that Javadocs for the most recent version of the AlchemicalArrows API are available at

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