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Installing Lizmap


First you should install

  • The web server Apache or Nginx
  • The PHP-FPM package (php5-fpm or php7.0 on debian/ubuntu) or libapache2-mod-php (apache only). You can install PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0/7.1/7.2. You can use generic package names, which will install latest version available (php5, php7.0 php7.2 etc.)
  • The package curl, and PHP extensions curl, sqlite3, gd and xml:
    • Debian 9 Stretch and Ubuntu 18.04: apt install curl php-sqlite3 php-gd php-xml php-curl
  • QGIS and its documentation about QGIS Server
  • (optional) PostgreSQL with PostGIS and its php extension (php-pgsql or equivalents)

Get the source

  • Download the Lizmap ZIP archive from:
  • Copy files from the ZIP package to a directory for apache/Nginx, let's say /var/www/mylizmap/.

Warning. Do not use the source code from git, except if you are a developer and you want to contribute on the code of Lizmap. Since Lizmap 3.4, the source code in the repository is not usable directly. You must build the application. Read how to contribute to build your own package.


Create lizmapConfig.ini.php, localconfig.ini.php and profiles.ini.php and edit them to set parameters specific to your installation. You can modify lizmapConfig.ini.php to set the url of qgis map server and other things, and profiles.ini.php to store data in a database other than an sqlite database.

cd lizmap/var/config
cp lizmapConfig.ini.php.dist lizmapConfig.ini.php
cp localconfig.ini.php.dist localconfig.ini.php
cp profiles.ini.php.dist profiles.ini.php

then exit the directory:

cd ../../..

Set rights for Apache, so php scripts could write some temporary files or do changes.

lizmap/install/ www-data www-data

Then you can launch the installer

php lizmap/install/installer.php


In your browser, launch:

In case you get a 500 - internal server error, run again:

cd /var/www/mylizmap/
lizmap/install/ www-data www-data

and eventually restart apache.

If you need to re-install lizmap on the same instance, you need to remove the file lizmap/var/config/installer.ini.php. This file is created by the installer.

If you want to test lizmap with some demo qgis projects, you should launch lizmap/install/ --keep-config --demo. You must install some tools : unzip and wget or curl.

Using QGIS composer/layouts and PDF in Lizmap

If you plan to print PDF from Lizmap, you need a fake X Server. See QGIS manual <>_ searching for xvfb. It works for Apache and NGINX


  • Check Lizmap settings
  • Check logs in Apache/Nginx and QGIS Server.
  • Enable logs in your lizmapConfig.ini.php with the line debugMode (Administration-->Lizmap configuration-->Services-->Debugging On)
  • Check lizmap/var/log (e.g. tail -f lizmap/var/log/messages.log). Check the addresses used, paste it in a browser, and check the error displayed.

You can enable the Jelix debug toolbar to get some information: In lizmap/var/config/localconfig.ini.php, add:

plugins = debugbar

plugins = sqllog,sessiondata,defaultlog
defaultPosition = right

Documentation of Jelix toolbar:

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