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Android Localization Helper

Helps to find missing or obsolete translations for android resources.


Use sbt to build project:

sbt stage

This will build jar and create distribution with all required dependencies and an executable shell script under target/universal/stage directory.


alh is a thin wrapper around executable generated by sbt-native-packager plugin

alh /path/to/android/project [arrays.xml]

You must specify android project folder. Second parameter is optional, it specifies resources filename (strings.xml by default).


git clone git://
cd android-localization-helper
./sbt stage
./alh /path/to/android/project


 *[resource type]
  *[T] [resource name]
  *[O] [resource name]
  • [T] Resources need to be translated (exists in original xml but not in localized version)
  • [O] Obsolete resources (exists in localized version but not in original one)