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Photo Resources

GET photos/search


Returns a listing of twenty (up to one hundred) photos from search results for a specified tag, keyword, or location.

Requires authentication

  • A valid Consumer Key must be provided in consumer_key parameter.
  • Alternatively, a valid OAuth request with an authorized Access Token will be accepted.


Either of parameters term, tag, or geo is required.

  • term — A keyword to search for.
  • tag — A complete tag string to search for.
  • geo — A geo-location point of the format latitude,longitude,radius<units>. Acceptable units are km or mi.
  • only — String name of the category to return photos from. Note: Multiple categories may be given, separated by commas, e.g. Fashion,Black and White
  • exclude — String name of the category to exclude from the results. Note: Multiple categories may be given, separated by commas, e.g. People,Nude
  • page — Return a specific page. Page numbering is 1-based.
  • rpp — The number of results to return. Can not be over 100, default 20.
  • tags — Returns an array of tags for each photo.
  • image_size — The photo size(s) to be returned. See the documentation on photo sizes.
  • license_type -- Restrict the results to one or more license types. Multiple types can be separated with a comma: license_type=1,4.
  • sort — Sort photos in the specified order. The following values are recognized:
    • _score — Sort by query score, best match first.
    • created_at — Default: sort by time of upload, most recent first.
    • rating — Sort by current rating, highest rated first.
    • highest_rating — Sort by highest rating achieved, highest rated first.
    • times_viewed — Sort by the number of views, most viewed first.
    • votes_count – Sort by the number of votes, most voted on first.
    • comments_count — Sort by the number of comments, most commented first.
    • taken_at — Sort by the original date of the image extracted from metadata, most recent first (might not be available for all images).

Return format

An array with the following keys and values:

  • current_page — Number of the page that is returned.
  • total_pages — Total number of pages in this feature's stream.
  • total_items — Total number of items in this feature's stream.
  • photos — An array of Photo objects in short format. The objects will also include latitude and longitude attributes if the results are based on the geo-location search.


  • 400 Bad Request — The request issued is missing one or more of the required parameters or contains parameters in an invalid form.



GET v1/photos/search?term=bike

Return shortened for example purpose

  "current_page": 1,
  "total_pages": 50,
  "total_items": 8263,
  "photos": [
      "id": 4930535,
      "name": "Bike",
      "description": "",
      "times_viewed": 28,
      "rating": 27,
      "created_at": "2012-02-10T00:39:03-05:00",
      "category": 21,
      "privacy": false,
      "width": 2500,
      "height": 1883,
      "votes_count": 1,
      "comments_count": 0,
      "nsfw": false,
      "image_url": "",
      "user": {
        "id": 171927,
        "username": "MarkBrunner",
        "firstname": "mark",
        "lastname": "Brunner",
        "city": "Haslett",
        "country": "united States",
        "fullname": "mark Brunner",
        "userpic_url": "",
        "upgrade_status": 0
      "id": 4930206,
      "name": "Rain",
      "description": "",
      "times_viewed": 1,
      "rating": 59.7,
      "created_at": "2012-02-10T00:04:09-05:00",
      "category": 21,
      "privacy": false,
      "width": 4542,
      "height": 3042,
      "votes_count": 1,
      "comments_count": 1,
      "nsfw": false,
      "image_url": "",
      "user": {
        "id": 578359,
        "username": "mikecruzphotography",
        "firstname": "Mike",
        "lastname": "Cruz",
        "city": "",
        "country": "Singapore",
        "fullname": "Mike Cruz",
        "userpic_url": "",
        "upgrade_status": 0
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