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🎉 Come Contribute! 🎉

We'll be much grateful if you help and contribute to the project, in any way, even a feature request.

Doors are wide open!

How to contribute

  • Fork this repository
  • Open the repository folder in your IDE
  • Make your changes to the files you intend to edit
  • Commit the changes to your forked repo
  • Create a Pull Request
  • Done!

To run the app while developing is this simple

Which programming languages

Languages you'll need to have experience with in order to contribute to ndm are simply: Javascript (ES6) and CSS.

Tools we use:

  • Angular
  • Electron
  • node
  • gulp
  • Sass
  • Babel
  • npm
  • bash
  • svg


Below are some Contribution Guidelines, consider reading these before to contribute, just that!

Contributing Guidelines

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